Be Prepared Wherever You Go – What to Keep In Your Car

Proverbs 22:3 (NCV) The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and get into trouble.

For the next couple of weeks, both Jim and I have decided to focus; really focus on being prepared for emergency situations. As you probably already know, I am someone that likes to be prepared for anything.  My family has teased me about it for years but guess who they come to when we are traveling and they need something that only I anticipated to pack?  For me, the security in knowing that my family is prepared for the unexpected is worth a little extra thought and just a little time.   

As we have become well aware, a dangerous situation can happen anytime, anywhere. I am sure that there were people out and about running errands, traveling to work, grabbing lunch with a friend, etc. when the earthquake in Nepal struck. Recent events such as these have only made me want to help you prepare even more, especially when you are away from the safety of your home.

I have gone over this scenario many times, but if disaster does strike while I’m out; my first instinct would be to get back home to my husband and children! It’s vital to keep these basic repair items in your car in case it breaks down both in a day-to-day setting or in case you are faced with an emergency situation. I recommend a plastic container to keep some of these emergency items in your trunk.

Spare Tire (Make sure it’s in good condition.)

Car Jack and tire iron

Tire inflator and sealer (Fix-a-Flat works wonders!)

Jumper cables

Your car’s manual

Tire pressure gauge (Checking your tire pressure on a regular basis can do wonders for your tire’s longevity.)

Duct Tape and WD-40

Battery Charger – This charges cell phones too!!

Small tool kit

First aid kit or medical backpack


Matches or other fire starters

Our 72 hour Food/Fire/Filter bucket is a great addition to keep with you.

Candle (for winter emergencies)

Emergency food (include a can opener if you keep canned food)

High Energy Bars

Water (but don’t leave in the car on hot summer days) – At least a gallon per person when traveling.

I keep our Extreme water bottles with me  at all times, every single day, every single trip, even to the store.  .

Weather radio

Seat belt cutter and window breaker

Ice Scraper

Flares or some sort of reflective surface

Maps (Old fashioned paper maps of the local area, your state, and even a map of your country)

Blankets – I carry one of our car lighter electric blankets

Cardboard, carpet remnant, or kitty litter (For your tires to gain traction in the snow.)

Cell phone charger (that plugs into your cigarette lighter)

Pad of paper and a pencil and/or pen – If you need special directions or if you are being given emergency information by radio, you will need to write down the instructions. In the pad, keep a list of important phone numbers.  We all have cell phones now but I would guess, like me that you don’t remember many numbers for even your own family.  Write them down along with emergency numbers.

How about one more step? If you have children in the car with you, it won’t take them long to get hungry, bored, tired, messy etc. and you might be stuck for an extended period of time. Ideally, you should carry all of these things with you at all times, but add these to your list if you know you will have little ones in the car with you.  Keep an extra plastic bin just for them with non-perishable items in your trunk:

Paper Towels


Toilet Paper

Umbrella or rain ponchos

Emergency money

Change of clothes (for you and your little ones)

Spare diapers and wipes

Spare formula and bottles


Car toys (stuffed animals, small car games, coloring/drawing supplies)


I realize that this list might seem long and intimidating, but I promise you that you will feel at peace knowing that you are prepared for any situation when outside of the home. That peace will be important when you are placed in an emergency situation and are in need of a calm mind.  If you have any suggestions to add to this list please comment below!  After all… we’re in this together!

P.S.  We have just scheduled our Ready Now Expo for August the 17th – August 21st. Jim and I always get so excited about these special times with our partners and everything that we learn! More information will be available soon.  This event is always amazing; we hope to see you there!



16 thoughts on “Be Prepared Wherever You Go – What to Keep In Your Car

  1. I appreciate your readiness information. Before we started watching your programs, my husband had ordered some”emergency” items in a package deal from Red Cross. What a laugh for over $100. The yellow toilet bucket and one prying tool might come in handy if we can stay put at home, but I would hardly call that order being prepared for a real emergency. We recently order more food from you and we are putting some other things together, including emergency back packs that include some medical supplies. We plan to add to that. We have a small dog and we are trying to figure what we need for him, especially if we have to leave home. Thank you for waking us up to the fact that we need to plan for our family. Second year into prepping.

  2. Hello Lori I to was looking thru the guide on our tv for something to watch and I to was guided to the Jim and Lori show and I have been watching you for 2 months now by you being on at different times I can watch you everyday!The church I went to also said that god would take us before all the bad things happen thank god I found your sight I sure learned alot of things in a hurry. I thank god for your show everyday.
    god bless you and Jim. Marsha N.Y.State

  3. One thing for people with a child in the car would be a stroller in case the have to walk far, and would save their back from carrying child and other items they might have. Thank you,Rick

  4. lori I have a testimonie to tell thursday june 25 I was just watching about the 5 th seal and I sat down to smoke a cig. and I saw a beautiful sky so I went out side to look at what god had for me and I saw a angel blowing a trumpet in the sky and I had to look twice and I don’t have a phone and I thought know one is going to believe this but as I looking god was outlining outlining her button nose her mouth on the trumpet right there as I was looking it was amazing so I said is this for me and he did’nt answer so the reason I’m telling you this is I’m a pot smokking cig. smoking girl and what does this mean thanks I thought you would understand

  5. Thanks Lori for sharing this info. I have one thing to add….if you are a caregiver for someone , whether they are older or not, make sure to have what they will need as well…This could include wipes, depends, plastic bag to put soiled clothes etc in,water, carry the meds on you in a pill container, nitro if they have that,or inhalers, and a change of clothes and some blankets..they get cold easier than the rest of us….layering works wonders, also sweater or jacket depending on time of the year. Most important is water…they dehydrate so fast and it is deadly to dehydrate, This I know from experience with my mother who is now 89 years old. I am her caregiver so I think from that perspective. I have to be sure I have what I need as well because if the caregiver is not prepared, how then can they properly care for the elderly person in their care? May God bless all of you at Morningside …..Maybe some day I can visit. Love you, MyMy XOXO

  6. Lori and Jim, I thank you both so very much for all of the wisdom you impart into our lives. I think God has me watching your program for end time preparation. I don’t like to miss one program. I think you should add tall rain boots to your list in case of flooding, a safety whistle and simple board games or puzzles may work also for kids in case phone service is lost. And, of course, a Bible.

  7. Lori,

    I believe that the Holy Spirit is warning YOU that the “time” for the Economic Collapse is a lot closer than any of us think! That’s probably why you’re MORE conscious than ever to “get prepared” – even while going on errands or trips in your car.

    Myself, beginning in January of this year, that I’ve been getting “senses” from God to “get ready” as best as I could – even with me not having ENOUGH money to buy all that a home-owner could do for his/herself.

    I don’t own a home; but rather live inside a Section-8 apartment in Washington, DC. Not that I want this situation; but I’m still thankful to God for “making it” the best way I can.

    Furthermore, the Lord was telling me to prepare the “best” WAY you can, and that He’ll “honor” my efforts to get ready – and NOT to use the fact that I live in an apartment (instead of a house) as an “excuse” to NOT get ready whatever way I can; and that He’d still “respect” me in NOT trying to “temp” Him, by expecting Him to just simply “provide” everything out of “thin air” for the collapse, without me having to put my “foot forward” to, at least, try to HELP myself by whatever “way” that I could; in spite of my limited funds; and that He’d be “faithful” and make up the “differences” – if I’d just do what I could to “help” myself first.

    House or NO house…….in the city OR out in the country……the Lord will provide – if we don’t tempt God, do our part as well!


  8. EXCELLENT! And I always thought “I” was prepared! Many things to add to my trunk! Thank you Lori for caring for yourself, your family and whosoever will have ears to hear: THANK YOU! ~Kathlene

  9. Wow! Lori you are so thorough. Bless your heart! Thanks to you and Jim. I’m so grateful that one day I was clicking through and saw the ‘Jim Bakker Show’. I just can’t understand why, even family members, don’t get it. Love to you all on the Jim Bakker Show.
    Arlene in AZ

  10. Thank you Lori! God bless you for looking out for people!!! I don’t have all of those things, but I’m definitely able to get home wherever anything happens!

  11. Great suggestions thank you! Good to have a pair of sneakers if you’re a lady who wears heals or sandals in case you need to walk far. Sounds gross but an ice cream bucket with lid for desperate potty situations! Might have missed it on your list but a flashlight, some sort of saw or knife could be handy also.

  12. Don’t forget about your pets. Our little dog goes with us on all our trips so I keep a small bowl for her water (this stays in my console), a zip lock bag of her food and her treats. Thanks for ALL you do! Sue Gilbert

  13. Jim and Lori, thank you for all you do, and for being one of the very few watchman’s for the church. God bless your ministry always and for the time we have left in this perilous time. Can you invite Evangelist Anita Fuentes to your program. I think it would be a blessing to have her over; she’s another watchwoman for the church.

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