Journey to Morningside

Sometimes the answer is NO

Let’s begin this journey to Morningside with the question that many have asked me, “How did God call you to Media?”  I had gotten radically saved in high school…evangelizing every Saturday with my buddies, people were getting saved all over the place, even at my school. The Holy Spirit’s fire was with us wherever we were. I wanted to spread the Word of Jesus Christ more and more!

That summer I went to every Church camp I could.  I was a leader at the kid’s camp, I was a leader at Jr. High Camp and I went to my High School Camp. Something really supernatural took place during those months. I did not know it then, but this is where a new act of my life was about to begin.

I went to one week of my High School camp and decided to stay the weekend so that I could move into my leadership cabin, (One that thankfully had air conditioning) I wanted to get myself ready to begin the next week as a leader in the Jr. High camp. One afternoon, after the Jr. High camp had started, I decided to go back to my cabin to have some alone time with God.

I remember I was in my room at the cabin with the door shut, on the floor worshiping God.  Just worshiping and worshiping spending that intimate time with the Lord!  As I was worshiping the spirit of God was heavy, I could really feel his presence! You know, I don’t cry very often, but when it deals with the overwhelming presence of God, I am always a big baby! I remember I was crying, tears streaming down my face because I felt the Spirit so strong!  Every day I was falling more in love with the Jesus. During that moment, I was journaling; crying out to God!

There were two big issues that were on my brain.  I am going to tell you about the first issue because it needs to be said in order to get to the second issue.  The first thing I was dealing with at that moment was this remarkable girl at church camp. I had liked this girl for a long, long time.  Even when I wasn’t living for the Lord, she stuck out in such a magnificent way!  I was always attracted to her.  She was the Pastor’s daughter and to this day, I never told her that I liked her! Ha!

I was telling God that I wanted to pursue her but I felt like God was saying, “Do not pursue her. Do not go after her.” I didn’t understand. She seemed perfect! And she was also a Jesus freak! Why wouldn’t he want me with her? Maybe I was wrong!  Maybe?  So I started reasoning with Him, “But God, You just don’t understand!  She’s going to college next year!  If she goes to college next year, God, she’s going to find a guy and if she finds a guy, she’s going to get engaged  and if she gets engaged, she’s going to get married and if she gets married then I’m OUT, God!”

But the Lord kept telling me not to pursue her.  “Why God, WHY?  What is going on?”  I didn’t understand, but I truly felt He was telling me “NO”.  I sadly answered, “Okay God, I won’t go after her.  You got it, I will wait.”  Now, as years have passed, I do need to tell you that I’m confident that the Lord was right. And today she is happily married! But if everything is for a reason, then why was I so drawn to her? You see, I believe God used her to set a standard in my mind, she loved God so much, the relationship she had with Jesus was just incredible…   I want my wife to have that, to be so in love with the Lord!   It wasn’t supposed to be that specific girl, but I understand what it is that God wants for me and what I am meant to have in a relationship. The standard had been set.

Nobody likes to be told NO. Especially when it has to do with what is going on with your heart. God is the weaver of your life’s tapestry.  He knows what He wants for you; He already has things working to make it happen.  God was weaving the next chapter of my life and somehow I knew all I had to do was trust him.

There was a SECOND thing that was going on in my mind that day; something that I hadn’t told anybody. Not my family, not even my BEST friends. It was what I referred to as my hidden passion. And it was THIS passion that launched me into my calling. But that is a story for next time! 🙂

The events that happened next in my life helped me to learn that sometimes, God says YES!!!

More of my journey will continue next week!  Keep smiling, get into to God’s word and have a truly blessed day!!

Love, Zach

5 thoughts on “Journey to Morningside

  1. Zach, it is a joy watching how comfortable you are with all the prophets of our Father that are on the program week after week. I was and am called into a pastoral ministry, but I ran from it for twenty plus years. I will be praying for you and your ministry within the Bakker ministry. By the way, I am about to complete my seventh year in pastoring to small rural churches.

  2. Hey Zack! I’ve been listening about the birds dying. I heard a woman suggest on that is it possible that the govt. is reporting the bird flu because they are finishing their preparations for what is coming by saying there is a epidemic, but they are really processing the birds for their own consumption. there is no evidence of birds being destroyed anywhere. where are the carcasses of the birds? There is no evidence of a real epidemic.

  3. Oh Zach you sweet MAN OF GOD!!! I loved reading your blog … It was good to get to know you on a personal level!!! I watch the Jim Bakker show everyday, record it and go back and take notes!!! I have been taking courses at End Times University!! Everything you guys preach line up with everything I’m discovering!! You are such a blessing!!!

  4. Zack, I couldn’t find how to send this to you from the show but the man who was on live with you yesterday that has the trunews,com asked if any one felt it shaking last night. He said his bed shook 3 times. When ever in the bible something is 3 fold it means it can’t be broken. I think it was a sign that the shaking that is coming is set and can’t be changed. Thought you might find that interesting. Be blessed

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