Revelation 13 (Pt. 6)

For some time the world has been moving toward a cashless society. Soon, we are told, even checks will be a part of our economic history as more and more transactions will be done electronically. You know how this works; you probably pay many of your monthly bills now without ever taking a dollar out of your wallet or writing a check. Your computer is set to make the transaction for you in the right amount and on the proper date. It’s easy and convenient. After all, you could lose cash or misplace the checks. Even credit cards will soon be history. With increasing threats of identity theft, the world will be ready and willing to accept some way of maintaining control. All of your per­sonal information, from your bank accounts to your medical records, will be computerized and stored online, perhaps in the cyberspace “cloud.”

Many U.S. businesses must file monthly payroll taxes electronically. They no longer have a choice to take the payment to a local bank. Clearly, the tech­nology for controlling your financial life exists right now. The mechanisms by which a totalitarian antichrist could demand worship or deprive you of all financial functions are already in place. In John’s time, if a Christian did not acknowledge the current Roman leader, he could be killed or, as John him­self was, imprisoned in a labor camp. Outspoken Christians might not have been physically beaten, but they may have been ostracized from employment, denied opportunities to purchase seed to grow crops, or disallowed from doing business in the community. Since nobody would deal with someone branded as a rebellious person, he or she could not buy or sell. John said it will be simi­lar for those who refuse to worship the Beast and for those who refuse to show their allegiance by receiving the mark of the Beast. The mark of the Beast will be obtained by those who are willing to say that there is another gospel and another way of salvation besides Jesus Christ.

John gave us some information about this notorious mark: “Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six” (13:18).

While John thought his readers would have no trouble discerning the meaning of this number, to this day, nobody really knows what the number means. Consequently, it has become the most analyzed number of the Bible. The comparisons between the numbers six, as the number of man—man was created on the sixth day—and seven, the number of completion and per­fection in the book of Revelation, have been extrapolated into all sorts of interpretations.

An intriguing fact in ancient times was that letters were often given numer­ical values. For example, we might say the number one equals the letter A. Two equates to a B. As such, every word could be given a numerical value, and there has been no limit to the number of attempts to ascribe a name for the antichrist. Social security cards, picture identification cards, computer files, and passport chips have all been linked to the antichrist as well. While we don’t know for sure how this number will work into the antichrist’s program, we can be sure of this much: if you are alive, do not, under any circumstances, acknowledge the antichrist’s authority in your life by accepting this mark in any form!

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  1. Pastor Jim,

    In my personal estimation, I believe that some future “president” of the United States will preside over America’s devastating unprecedented “Economic Collapse”; AND with this same COLLAPSE occurring world-wide; THAT consequently, this “future president” (whoever “he” may be) – AND some of the other world leaders will CONTEMPLATE that the United Nations “one day” totally get rid of monetary currency altogether – and REPLACE paper and coin exchanges with ELECTRONIC financial transactions; with the hopes that, by having a “cashless society” around the world; THAT supposedly, a new “electronic” means for making ‘financial transactions” SHOULD, theoretically, PREVENT any MORE global economic collapses – such as the “ONE” that the world is experiencing right now.

    In other words, I believe that some future U.S. president – and other world leaders – will facilitate the very ushering-in of a “cashless society”, which would automatically entail a newly-formed GLOBAL – total and universal – ELECTRONIC means by which all FUTURE financial transactions world-wide are to soon take place; AND which, in turn, would result in a “One-World Economy”, and thereby facilitate the ushering-in of the upcoming “New World Order” – AND, of course; which, in turn, ultimately means, the ushering-in of the Anti-Christ himself – AND his “Mark of the Beast”.

    Incidentally, the Anti-Christ will no doubt possess the ATTRIBUTES of being very charming, highly intelligent, articulate, well-educated, gregarious, and sophisticated; and thereby being able to successfully UNIFY or bring the whole world “TOGETHER”, for supposedly “SOLVING” the world-wide Economic Crisis. Therefore, I strongly propose that a future “president” of the U.S. – and certain European world leaders – will facilitate the ushering-in a global “New World Order”; by first using their fabricated “Economic Collapse” as a sinister PRETEXT for convincing the NATIONS of the world; that supposedly, the only “ANSWER” to “NEVER AGAIN” experiencing a world-wide “DEPRESSION”, is by finally establishing a “cashless society”; which, in turn, would result in a “one-world economy”, and thereby facilitate the ushering-in of the upcoming “New World Order” – AND, of course; which, in turn, ultimately means, the ushering-in of the Anti-Christ himself – AND the “Mark of the Beast”, which itself would go along perfectly with the future globalized manner of making ELECTRONIC financial transactions, via the Micro-chip (or some other possible Mark of the Beast). Therefore, I freely speculate that most likely; with an upcoming incumbent “U.S. President, in being the so-called “Leader of the Free World”, that accordingly, he (or some later president) – along with Western Europe, would probably be MOST responsible for facilitating the very COMING of the Anti-Christ himself.

    But the globalists will usher in the Anti-Christ for the world – at a tremendous PRICE for Western Civilization – and for the other members of the New World Order; and that same “price” will be for the World to GIVE UP all of their cherished political freedoms – just as Adolph Hitler had proposed to the German People, during his short-lived 12-year dictatorial rule of the Third Reich; and THUS – and so, likewise, the Anti-Christ himself will CONVINCE the world; that, in order for him to supposedly “SAVE” all of Humanity from hopeless economic despair; that accordingly, “THE WORLD” must, IN TURN, give its total ALLEGIANCE to the Anti-Christ’s dictatorial/totalitarian rule. That is, the Globalists will indeed “PRETEND” to the American People – and to the World; THAT the U.S. and Western Europe will “indeed” – supposedly – “do something” about all the world-wide “Economic Depression”; BUT all with a great PRICE…………..and that “price” being that the American People and the rest of the world GIVE UP – or trade in – all of their cherished constitutionally-guaranteed FREEDOMS – for a supposedly “guaranteed” SAFETY by the Anti-Christ himself; just as Adolph Hitler himself had shrewdly used the same political tactic against the German People, during his short-lived 12-year dictatorial rule of the Third Reich, from 1933 to 1945; with him ruling the German masses with deadly fear and intimidation, under the guise of Hitler supposedly being a “wise and benevolent national father” who supposedly “cares” for his downtrodden Aryan nation.

    Pastor Jim, let us continue to “PRAY” that the Lord would be most MERCIFUL in “delaying” the Anti-Christ’s coming (if it’s His will) ; so as to give our sinful nation and the Church “more time” , to get the “message”, to PREPARE – both practically and spiritually – before it’s too late.

  2. I listen to, watch and follow many Christian ministers,Apostles,Prophets,Pastors…. It seems everyone says something different about the rapture and mark of the best being 666. while i do read and study the Bible on my own i depend of these people to guide me,i trust that what im being taught is truth. Ive not been to seminary.
    Im sure im not the only person confused these days.
    How does a lay person know whom to believe in?
    I recently was doing an online Bible study with a group,only after we got to Romans did i figure out they may not be Christians at all.
    The enemy knows the word of God better than i. Can anyone else relate?

  3. Brother Jim, I thank you from the bottom of your heart for sharing all this with us about the end-times; it astounds me that so many people just shrug off what is soon about to happen with ‘oh, all that is thousands of years away………’. It isn’t – it is imminent, and I am thankful to true people of God like you and Lori for the way in which you are helping us prepare. Even your food storage programmes are so relevant; we are warned of what the cost will be for a mere crust of bread. That is just around the corner and so much is happening right in front of our eyes but we just won’t open our eyes wide enough. We watch your broadcasts on Daystar TV and are so thankful to have that hour each week. Bless you both and all on your dear Ministry Team.

  4. How will we know if a credit card or something like it is the mark of the beast? Honestly I went to Einstein Bagels and (at first) ordered a sandwich and medium coffee. Well – the total came to 666. I boldly said no I’ll have something else. It did open the conversation to the mark of the beast. I said also boldly I refuse that. It was like the Holy Spirit rose up in me big and said I refuse that. I ordered a small coffee instead which was a better amount. Actually that gave me peace that the Holy Spirit will really rise up big in me and I’ll say NO – I REFUSE THAT!!!

  5. God bless you Jim. The number of the beast is 666. In Revelation Satan comes at the 6th seal, 6th vial and 6th trump. The mark in the head is your brain – what you believe; and the mark in your hand – is your works. Jesus told us not to be deceived. When Jesus returns at the 7th seal, 7th vial and 7th trump then we will all be changed into our spiritual bodies. (no rapture). In Jesus love.
    1 Thes 4:13-18.

  6. Praise the Lord, for His Name is 777! I would rather die that misrepresent Jesus Christ! Michael or Lucifer that is the choice! Knew ye not that we shall judge the angels? Michael has stood up to protect and defend those who names are written in the book of life! Lucifer is angry because he knows his days are numbered! Lucifer is the one who tries to blame Jesus as the FALL GUY…we sin, we blame God,we murder HIS SON….like Mel Gibson…nailing an innocent JEW to a cross…for HIS SIN????
    Without blood there is no remission of sin. We either die to self and come into to obedience to the will of God in Heaven or we ask God to crucify HIS SON…..What will you do with JESUS?

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