Staying in Perfect Peace as the World Goes Wild

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

I’m pretty sure that most people are feeling the pressure of a world gone wild, especially those who are a little older and can remember a safer, more stable world of a few decades ago. I know that what I’m seeing happen around the world in social issues, weather related events, global unrest and violence and the general hostile climate of our world is the stuff that makes people crazy and causes some to lose hope.

And, if our hope was only in this world, we may as well lose it.

The Bible doesn’t say that things will get better and better in our world – but just the opposite. It says that things will get worse and worse until Jesus comes again and puts an end to the madness – and afterwards, we will live with Him in perfect peace in the new millennium.

But what about until then? What about the turmoil we have swirling all around us right now? What about the evil that is assaulting us from every direction? How do we live in this world, but not be overcome by it?

The answer is so simplistic, I sometimes wonder why we even have to ask the question. The answer is to be so close to Jesus that come what may, we are not afraid. Jesus said that in the world you will have tribulation, but in ME, you will have peace.

Until Jesus comes to this earth again and we can see Him face-to-face, touch Him, and hear his audible voice, He has given us everything we need to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil in HIS WORD. The WORD is the ANSWER to every problem we face. It’s the PEACE that we seek and the HOPE for tomorrow. It’s the LOVE that we need to sustain us and to help us help others along.

You see, Jesus is the WORD. If we want to truly be close to Jesus, we will immerse ourselves in The WORD and out of that will flow the rivers of peace we will need to carry us through these difficult times.

It’s time now to choose our priorities carefully. When Rick Joyner was here recently, he said that if you aren’t extremely close to Jesus in your walk with Him, you better get there real quick because you are going to need His strength and guidance – and, He is going to judge those who are lukewarm and spit them out!

I need Jesus. I need His wisdom and His peace for today’s challenges. I need His comfort!

To me, there is no other source that I can turn to. Jesus is my ALL and I will seek Him through prayer and The WORD even more as we see the world go wild. I know that with Him, I am more than a conqueror, and without Him, I am hopeless.

Open The WORD today, and you will find the peace you seek.

6 thoughts on “Staying in Perfect Peace as the World Goes Wild

  1. Lori,
    I am about your age and i definately see how things are so different than when we were young. This turn of events in our country and across the world everyday should give us the clear signs of Jesus coming. There are alot of souls to harvest for the Lord before that day comes and as we really have very little time to work for the end time harvest, all of us should get going and work harder than we ever have to reach a lost world. Plz pray for our ministry in India as we are reaching out to the hindu people on many of our missions. I love reading your blogs and I want to thank You and Pastor Jim for coming to the Ozarks area to be our watchman on the mountain so to speak. We need good leadership here in our area and this truly is the work of God that He sent you here to the Branson-Springfield area. Your ministry is greatly appreciated here to help and guide us through these end times. God is speaking to Pastor Jim like He has never done before and each day i watch your program just waiting to see what God has to say to us through You and Pastor Jim.
    God bless You richly!
    Susan and Phil William, Springfield MO

  2. Well said Lori!!!! After watching Tom Horn I just feel that things are going to start spinning out of control even faster than they are now. I pray everyday for wisdom and strength for what may lie ahead for us. The good news is that I never seem to feel afraid of what is coming, I know Jesus is with me every step of the way. I do feel a sense of urgency to get everyone I know and love on the same page. I just ordered Tom Horn’s books and Jim’s new book today. I have been stockpiling food,water and supplies (my husband and boys think I’m crazy!). I wish my husband would allow me to order your food, but without his permission I won’t. So I pray God sends him a sign, an angel or a dream that will convince him we might need to get ready for what may be coming. I had him read the Harbinger, that almost got him there. Today I think God tapped me on the shoulder and said hey, have him read Petrus Romonus and that will give him the nudge he needs. I will not stop praying for him, he’s a good, God Loving man and wonderful husband. Thanks so much for all you do and your words of encouragement. God Bless you….Jennifer Heiland

  3. This was encouraging and gives me hope today and the days, years that follow. Thank you for this very truthful message. May you be blessed for all you say and do for the Lord!

  4. Amen & Amen! And yes Lori, you can be sure I for one am feeling the pressures of “A world gone wild” right along with you and probably many… however, one delightful thought through it all is…. A diamond is made under great pressure and many years of extreme pressure to boot! So the pressures of this world will only cause us to become glorious rare gems for Jesus and His Kingdom when we stay in His Word and receive His Peace when we do so and seeking Him in prayer! There is much to do in the Kingdom at hand and we must be prepared to lead the way! I look forward to watching and learning from Rick Joyner on the show when it posts on the internet!

    I love it when you said: “You see, Jesus is the WORD. If we want to truly be close to Jesus, we will immerse ourselves in The WORD and out of that will flow the rivers of peace we will need to carry us through these difficult times.” To which again I say: Amen & Amen! I LOVE THAT!

    Bouquets of blessings, love & prayer,

  5. Lori, I find such comfort in your words. The last 5 years my walk has grown closer to Jesus. It has been hard and I know I’m reaching my goal since tribulations seem to come faster but I know I’ve gone around whatever mountain is placed before me because it does not come back. I am so happy I found the Jim Bakker Show. Through Pastor Jim, your teaching and the wonderful guests you have many questions have been answered and troublesome thought put down. Thank you so much. May God bless you, Pastor Jim, your family and all the ministry family.

  6. Right on target. We have to be close to Jesus. He still comes as our Merciful Lord, ready to forgive us, no matter how scarlet our sins, as long as be repent and change our ways. Very soon He will come as our just Judge, when the time of His Mercy will have passed. We can not stop praying for all to answer His call of Mercy. The time of “harvest” is fast approaching. Let all Christians bring prayers to our Lord, Jesus Christ that He give us His peace of heart and uphold us in the tribulation soon to come. (Roman Catholic)

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