Deception Leads to Depression

You know, it’s fairly easy to follow the “deception leads to depression” truth. There are many false teachings that have lead people astray and when they find out that what they have been taught just DOES NOT WORK, they are devastated.

Take, for example, the false prosperity teachings. Jim calls them “love of money” teachings. Most of these are based on a formula of sowing and reaping, e.g. sowing money equals reaping money. But this teaching has been taken so out of context and when people eventually find out that their giving should not be tied to monetary gain, they are often angry at first, and then depressed. Why? Because they have been schooled in the teaching that if they give money, they will reap money…. And not just what they have sowed, but a 30, 60 or 100 fold return! Do you think there’s a little greed in there!?

So, after they have emptied their savings, and given “sacrificially” into financial ruin or in extreme cases, even bankruptcy (all the while, standing on scriptures that they thought would bring them financial gain), they eventually collapse in despair. The Bible calls this ‘shipwreck.’ When faith is shipwrecked, it can even cause a falling away, heaven forbid. (1 Tim 1)

It’s not only the prosperity teachings that are causing people to be deceived and eventually depressed. It’s any teaching or practice that doesn’t line up with a balanced and thorough Biblical perspective.

It’s time that we stopped listening to every ‘wind of doctrine’ and get into the Word for ourselves. When you study the Word for yourself, and take all of it without picking and choosing what you want to hear, you will be much less likely to be deceived. We also have to get past our bitterness and blaming! We are accountable for our own understanding!

So, let’s get on a solid foundation. Let’s not be blown about by everything we hear or be devastated when it doesn’t pan out like we thought it would. There are many issues that we will face from now until Jesus returns, most of them are issues of our own hearts, and on those we should meditate.




5 thoughts on “Deception Leads to Depression

  1. There is so much misinformation out there that sounds so good, but you have to go back and check the Bible to see if it is true, or often time too good to be true. The search is always enightening. Hope you are taking time for yourself and refresh your soul. Sorry to hear you were so exhausted. We need you Lori, you are an awesome woman of God. Take time for YOU, YOU deserve and have earned it. Many prayers and blessings and being sent your way….

  2. i really liked your blog lori. to hear the truth is a relief. than to always hearing people fight over whose doctrines are right. we will all be growing in the Lord if we stay in His word. love connie

  3. Wow Lori… Abundantly powerful! In these last days we all need to KNOW the Word, Study the Word (for ourselves) able to wield it well AND PROPERLY! And coming up into the “last days” money is not where its at, especially if it is going to take a days wage just to buy a loaf of bread!

    I loved the passion in Jim the other day when he said something to the effect: “stop wanting that Rolls Royce…. all it’s going to be good for is a green house or growing vegetables!” Your blog today speaks to hearts today and will in the future as well!

    To today’s blog I say: GLORY! & HALLELUJAH! I also boldly say: Pay tithes to the church you are spiritually fed in; Spend your money on things that will support your “Value Vault” today and in days to come! The “Value Vault” will need food; it will need books of knowledge and educated understanding of what is happening in the world as we know it. Spend money NOW in the “Love Gifts” section of It will be the wisest decision we make and fill our “Value Vaults” with genuine value. Choices and decisions we make today will soon enough become our future. Oh I pray that we all Make wise choices.

    Abundant thanks to You and Jim and all the guests you have on the show to continually guide us into the TRUTH of the Word and to help us make prophetic choices today that will help us to continue the Gospel when times get tougher all the way until Jesus comes! Hallelujah!

    Love you guys and all of Morningside Ministries!
    Bouquets of hugs,

  4. Im new to your site and i can honestly say,it is so refreshing to hear truth. I was one of the people that fell into that category of wanting to stand in Isaiah 58. I soon learned that my blessings are around me each and every morning i wake up. God is good.

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