The Garbage of the World or God’s Foods? You Choose!

Yesterday, our guests on the live show included three esteemed health and nutrition experts; Dr. Roy Curtin, Michelle Bacarella, and Frank Davis of Food for Health, International. We have had some lively and revealing discussions about what we eat, how our bodies react to what we eat, and how we can maximize the nutritional value of our foods with the right supplements.
In our discussions, we talked about the fact that this nation, in particular, has sacrificed our health on the altar of convenience. We are quite satisfied with the garbage produced by huge corporations as food because it tastes good and it’s fast.   We don’t need to take much time to think about or prepare this stuff.  Not many of us know the harm it’s doing to our bodies and the sad fact is that there isn’t many who care!
We would rather stick our heads in the sand and accept the outcome of sickness and eventual, often premature death, than learn what to eat and how to supplement our foods with healthy natural vitamins and other necessary nutrients. Why?
Proverbs 23:2 says, “And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.”
Okay, we know this is not meant literally, but it lets you know that dealing with your appetite is a very serious matter.

Ask yourself what’s more dangerous than putting a knife to your throat when it comes to your appetites?  What exactly happens when we continuously give in to what our appetites want?  What if we ate everything we wanted to eat, whenever we wanted to eat it?  Chances are, our weight would balloon to a point of morbid obesity and we would eventually develop weight-related illnesses, which could ultimately lead to an untimely death.

“Most studies show an increase in mortality rate associated with obesity as obese individuals have a 50% to an ultimate 100% increased risk of death from all causes. Even those moderately obese people have their life expectancy shortened by 2 to 5 years.” (Pesic, Milos. 2006 Tracking Obesity Statistics.)

The medications we take to treat these illnesses caused by improper nutrition often have serious and sometimes mortal side effects!  What sense does that make?  I don’t know about you, but I can’t live with this kind of nonsense!

Is fulfilling your appetite worth losing your life? I am trying to provoke you to take better care of yourself because I love you and want you to be well!

It’s sad, but many times people would rather feed on the garbage of the world than feast on the goodness of God’s foods.
That’s a prophetic picture of the world and the Church as well… but that’s another day.
Don’t miss even one of these informative shows with Frank Davis, Michelle Bacarella, and Dr. Roy Curtin.  It just may save your life!
Make your decision today to take better care of your health!
God loves you!  And so do I.


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  1. The other day I took a nap and suddenly saw a great frog in a dream, very vivid, saw all four legs and was stretched out as though on its stomach. When I saw this frog I felt great fear and then suddenly was awake. Any comments on this.

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