A Thankful Heart

There are so many things I could speak of that I am thankful for that it’s hard to zero in on just a few, but I will try for the purpose of this writing. To tell of them all would be a book of which the volume is far too large for a blog like this.

But just to frame what I’m about to say, it’s important to remember how essential it is to have a thankful heart – a heart that is grateful for all things. This is more than just a cliché. This is a principal for living an overcoming life in the Kingdom of God. Being thankful comes against any prideful attitude that may hinder our spiritual growth. Thankfulness presupposes humility, which is in direct contrast to pride. And we all know that it was pride that got satan kicked out of heaven  (Isaiah 14:12-15)! Continue reading

It’s Not Just About Survival – It’s About Revival!

Every week when it’s time to write a blog, I search the Lord’s heart for a timely word. Let’s face it, we don’t know how much longer any of this will continue as we know it. The world is changing and the days – every one of them – are getting shorter.  We have an opportunity to do or say something that will make a difference in people’s lives and I’m determined not to miss it.

First, I want to ask you if you know that you are saved and on your way to heaven? Until you are right with God, nothing else matters! What good would it do to survive the soon-coming troubles in the world if you then spent eternity apart from God? There is no greater hell than to face an eternity where evil is unrestrained and there is only wickedness constantly. Continue reading

Time to Pull Some Weeds

Your job is to pull up and tear down, take apart and demolish, and then start over, building and planting. Jeremiah 1:10 MSG

Unfortunately, through the hardship and persecution and tribulation of life, certain weeds and tares can actually get planted in the heart that touches everything you do and can negatively affect every aspect of your life, even what you’re called to do in the Kingdom.

One of my main issues was abandonment. This was a weed that had a huge stronghold in my life. I had watched as nearly everyone in my life walked away when my sin was exposed to the world and my soul suffered beyond measure. Continue reading