It’s Not Just About Survival – It’s About Revival!

Every week when it’s time to write a blog, I search the Lord’s heart for a timely word. Let’s face it, we don’t know how much longer any of this will continue as we know it. The world is changing and the days – every one of them – are getting shorter.  We have an opportunity to do or say something that will make a difference in people’s lives and I’m determined not to miss it.

First, I want to ask you if you know that you are saved and on your way to heaven? Until you are right with God, nothing else matters! What good would it do to survive the soon-coming troubles in the world if you then spent eternity apart from God? There is no greater hell than to face an eternity where evil is unrestrained and there is only wickedness constantly.

I could say 10,000 uplifting and encouraging words – people do – and the Internet is full of empty but sweet-sounding words. But, smooth talkers and superficial sayings can’t and won’t protect you from the coming storms. I want you to know that your hope and comfort is in Jesus Christ and nothing else. When you give your heart to Him, He will comfort you beyond anything you have ever known before and assure you that you will have a future – an eternal future – in the Kingdom of Heaven where there is neither tears nor sorrow! (Revelation 21:4)

I found it interesting in one of our recent shows, when they were talking about how governments and upper echelons of certain groups of people have actually already built underground bunkers to try to survive in a catastrophic event. I find this almost amusing. Yes, Noah built an ark, but he built it out of faith on a word from God, not out of his own fear and cunning to outfox the coming judgment. You cannot hide from judgment! …unless you are hidden in Christ Jesus! (Colossions 3:3)

This ministry is not just about survival – it’s about revival! We want to see people come to Jesus in the great Harvest of the earth the Bible talks about! This will happen with or without our help, but I want to be on God’s side!

So, are you on God’s side too? Are you hidden in Christ Jesus? Do you know you need a Savior; One that will be with you in the trials to come? Have you asked Jesus to come into your heart and be the Lord of your life? The Bible says that if you will humble yourself and call on the name of Jesus, you will be saved! (Romans 10:13)

Please don’t delay any longer in giving your life completely and totally over to God. The hour is late and the time is short before the door is shut – and you do not want to be on the outside looking in! There are many things we could do with our time in the days to come, but none as important as spending it seeking and finding God!

We talk a lot on the show about survival, but we are not just talking about saving the physical body! We are talking about saving the eternal soul because we believe your soul will live eternally somewhere. Don’t you want that somewhere to be in the presence of all Goodness, and Love, and Light? The alternative is pretty bleak.

Won’t you give your heart to Jesus today? If you don’t know the words to say, or how to pray, you can call our Prayer Team today, or you can see a Salvation Road Map right here on our website. If you don’t have a Bible and can’t afford one, we will send you one. Read the book of John first to learn about this Savior that we all have need of.

We love you and we want to see you in Heaven!



2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just About Survival – It’s About Revival!

  1. Yes I agree with you 🙂 This is something I agree with and live with daily. Too many times we set our mind on our own fleshly interests and not God’s. A life of revival is daily dying to self and living for Christ. Once God illuminated that truth to me I’ve been casting aside every sin and incumbrance that easily entangles. I’m so thankful for Jesus, He is the miracle that makes the dead come alive (Colossians 2:8-15)! May God continue to bless the ministry of reconciliation He has given you.


  2. Lori,

    What you just said above should give Christians ever more of a “reason” to be very CAREFUL that we TRUST NOT in the very “preparation” itself; as though it is our OWN “efforts” that will “see us through” God’s judgments; BUT rather, let us NOT forget that it is actually the LORD Himself – and not our OWN efforts that will “get us through” the difficult days ahead in America. While we should indeed prepare PHYSICALLY – if possible; that nevertheless, for Eternal Life’s sake, we should always be MORE mindful of always preparing our souls SPIRITUALLY – and regardless as to “whether-or-not” our country (or any other nation) is “deserving” of God’s judgments. In other words, Lori; yes, we Christians should be more “eternity-minded” than ever; given that these are NOW the “Days of Revelation”; and regardless ANYWAY as to whether-or-not a particular nation, from the start, is “worthy” of the judgments of the Lord. That is, it should NOT matter to us as to whether-or-not the Lord is about to “rain down” his judgments upon a particular nation[s] for sin; since “spiritual salvation” from Jesus Christ is NOT to be determined by the current “moral state” of a nation, as a whole; BUT rather, the acquisition of spiritual salvation itself is more left up to the “individual”, him/herself – and NOT by the nation, as a whole. If God were to “judge” all Christians based on the over-all moral state of today’s “America”, then NONE of us, at this particular time, would “make it” into Heaven!!! Even as Apostle Paul stated two millennia ago, in Philippians 2:12-13, “work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure” [KJV].

    So yes, Lori, spiritual salvation was indeed meant by God to be an “individual” choice for EVERY soul born on planet Earth, to make for one’s own personal self. Physically preparing for God’s judgments – by itself – DOES NOT necessarily mean that an individual is already SPRITUALLY prepared!! The two are entirely DIFFERENT enterprises! The first does not necessitate the second. That is, the earthly preparation does not necessarily include the spiritual. So, a ‘”survivalist” who does EVERYTHING that he/she possibly can – to prepare for “hard days” in America (or wherever else around the world) may still be “judged” with DEATH – by God; IF that same “soul” IS NOT covered by the “Passover Blood of Christ” to PROTECT him/her when the Lord finally rains down death and destruction upon a rebellious godless “United States”
    In other words, Lori, I agree with you 100 percent; that PHYSICAL preparation for “hard times” IS NOT synonymous with SPIRITUAL preparation. The earthly realm is not superior over the spiritual realm. Rather, it is the OTHER way around. That is, it is the SPIRITUAL realm that is superior over the earthly. And if we are indeed “spiritual” in God’s sight; then we would be already “obedient” to His commands; and get our hearts right FIRST – with HIM; and then secondly, to obey His voice to prepare PHYSICALLY, in this earthly realm; to get ready to “survive” the judgments upon America that will indeed destroy the very lives of millions of people – including so-called “survivalist”, who were not “covered’ with the Blood of Christ Jesus; and tragically find themselves cast forever in Hell; when they were “too busy” on Planet Earth preparing PHYSICALLY, and not SPRITUALLY.

    Therefore, you’re right to emphasize “revival” OVER “survival”; since there are a growing number of “survivalist” websites that are NON-CHRISTIAN; but yet, are still “correct” in warning their readers of the coming “Economic Collapse” to come. Spiritually speaking, even if a person (or family) did indeed “prepare” for the upcoming “hard days” upon the United States; that NEVERTHELESS, a “physically-prepared” individual (or family) that is NOT “saved” in Christ Jesus, will still face the FULL EFFECTS of God’s judgments – and maybe experience even DEATH itself, in the hands of an “angry vengeful God”; since a person who is NOT yet “saved” in Christ; that consequently, no matter HOW MUCH an “unbeliever” is physically prepared; that NEVERTHELESS, the “unsaved” person may still NOT be able to withstand all of God’s deadly judgments, since an “unsaved” person IS NOT covered by the “Passover Blood of Christ” to PROTECT him/her when the Lord finally rains down death and destruction upon a rebellious godless “United States”; thereby putting oneself still in position of not ONLY “physical” death itself as a form of “judgment” from God Himself; but ALSO, tragically, to face an eternal “spiritual death” in HELL itself; after the Lord takes away an “unsaved” soul out of the earthly realm of life; and sending his soul to forever “live” an ETERNAL death in Hell.

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