A good question: What would Jesus do in a culture affecting church leaders?

  • 48% of Evangelical Leaders Are Getting Punished by Cancel Culture – What Would Jesus Do?
  • Worship leader Sean Feucht said he was a victim of cancel culture after his digital distributor blocked and banned his new album.
  • He told CBN News, then, that cancel culture was “coming for the church.”
  • Meanwhile, Phil Robertson told CBN’s Faithwire that his show, Duck Dynasty, was put on hiatus by A&E after he was asked his opinion on homosexuality in an interview with G.Q. magazine.
  • In August, Texas Pastor Ed Young said he was canceled by Meta, the media arm of Facebook and Instagram, after a paid advertisement for their sermon series “Woke or Awake” was removed from Facebook.
  • “As a society, we need to find a way to hold individuals and organizations accountable for their actions, but not punish people for holding beliefs that may be different. We need to encourage conversations across differences. Let us open our doors and ask those with differences to pull up a seat to the table. After all, that was the way of Jesus.”
  • Matthew 5:38-45

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