Alarmed US doctors and scientists are investigating whether COVID-19 is to blame for spike of rare and deadly cancers

Hospital-Room US doctors and scientists are currently investigating whether the COVID-19 virus is to blame for an “unusual pattern” of rare and deadly cancers that have been popping up in the wake of the pandemic. Getty Images

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Important Takeaways:

  • The group of medical experts banded together to launch research studies and share data after concluding there was compelling evidence among their own patients to suggest a link between COVID and cancer diagnoses
  • “I’ve been in practice 23 years and have never seen anything like this,” Kashyap Patel, an oncologist in South Carolina and CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates
  • Patel, who is calling for a national registry to analyze trends, said he has already collected data from dozens of his own patients showing a possible link between unusual cancers and long COVID.
  • “Hopefully, we’re wrong,” Afshin Beheshti, president of the COVID-19 International Research Team, said. “But everything is, unfortunately, pushing toward that being the case.”
  • The US-based doctors are calling on the federal government to prioritize the research — given such answers could affect treatment for cancer patients, as well as management of the disease, over the next several decades.

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