As Violence and Theft are on the rise businesses look for ways to protect their property, but some politicians seem to be ignorant of what’s happening

Mathew 24:12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Important Takeaways:

  • Grocery chain president says theft and violence have increased significantly: ‘And for politicians to blame businesses … for leaving is embarrassing’
  • Giant Food president Ira Kress said that theft and violence have risen significantly over the past several years.
  • “To say [theft has] risen tenfold in the last five years would not be an understatement,” Kress noted, according to the Washington Post, which also reported that the man said that violence has “increased exponentially.”
  • “It’s laughable for any of our politicians — and I’ve offered to meet and talk with any of them — to be ignorant to what’s going on in their communities, in their jurisdictions, with their constituents,” Kress said, according to the outlet. “And for politicians to blame businesses … for leaving is embarrassing.

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