Border Patrol Chief to retire just months after Title 42 comes to an end

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Important Takeaways:

  • Border Patrol Chief to Retire After Two Record-Shattering Years of Migrant Crossings
  • Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz announced his intention to retire from the post as head of the United States Border Patrol effective June 30. Ortiz notified the nearly 20,000 active Border Patrol agents of his intentions in an agency-wide email earlier this week. Ortiz led the agency during the two busiest years for migrant encounters along the southwest border in the Border Patrol’s entire 99-year history.
  • Currently, the Border Patrol is reporting more than 1.4 million migrant encounters along the southwest border since the current fiscal year began in October 2022. The pace of migrant apprehensions in 2023 indicates the annual total for this fiscal year will likely equal or exceed that of FY22. Ortiz will depart the agency less than two months after the transition moving from the Trump-era Title 42 CDC COVID-19 migrant expulsion authority to the traditional Title 8 immigration authority.

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