Builder’s Club Picnic Celebrates Fun and Fellowship

One of the high points of the annual Fourth of July Celebration is the Builder’s Club Picnic where Jim, Lori and the staff of Morningside provide a meal and big thank you to the partners who make possible the new Jim Bakker Show, Morningside and generationNOW.

Partners from all over the United States shared a meal and told the Jim Bakker Web Team what they loved about the Fourth of July Celebration as we reached the halfway point.

“This is wonderful,” LaVonna Hirsch of Berrien Springs, MI said. “The best you’ve ever had!” She said some of the high points for her was Pastor Jim preaching during tapings of the Jim Bakker Show and the word that Philip Cameron shared during the Tuesday night worship service.

Bill “The Junkman” Whaley has been a huge hit with those in attendance.

“I love learning to fix things I’d throwaway before,” Bettle Mueller said.

“The Junkman is on the right track,” Herman Ayers from Phoenix, Arizona added.

The message of preparation for times of need hit home with Melinda Ferry of Tamarack, Minnesota. There has been massive amounts of rain in their area that caused flooding that drove thousands of residents from their homes and even killed animals at the Duluth, MN zoo.

“We were lucky that we had power,” Melinda said. “If we didn’t have power there’s no way we would have been prepared.”

The Ferry family was caught in their home by the flood waters and couldn’t get out of their property for a week. Melinda’s brother had to bring food and supplies to the family.

“We’re going to be prepared now!” Melinda added. “And the Junkman is fascinating! So many things I can do when I get home!”

The highlight of the Builder’s Club Picnic was the ribbon cutting for the new generationNOW studios. The youth-oriented internet TV network will begin producing shows immediately and then build to a 24 hour online network in the near future.

“The studio is out of this world!” Jean Gerely of Willard, MO said.

Check out the generationNOW network at


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