Chinese Balloon that floated across the Aleutians and Montana shot down on South Carolina’s coast

A livestream of the balloon showed it deflated and falling toward the water below. (Fox)

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Important Takeaways:

  • Suspected Chinese spy balloon flying above U.S. shot down off Carolina coast
  • The suspected Chinese spy balloon spotted over U.S. airspace in recent days was shot down on Saturday by an F-22 fighter jet near the Carolina coastline, officials said.
  • President Biden said he ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday, but national security officials were concerned about the damage it could cause and waited until it was over water instead of land.
  • Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin “The balloon, which was being used by the [People’s Republic of China] in an attempt to surveil strategic sites…
  • Said to be around the size of three buses, the balloon flew over Canada and Alaska’s Aleutian Islands before being spotted in the continental United States. It then made its way eastward, being spotted across the country before it was shot down on the East Coast

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