Concrete Dome Home Survives Wildfire

Proverbs 22:3 The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.

A Washington State man who said he “knew what he was getting into” when he bought land in an area where a wildfire was likely has survived the flames from the state’s worst wildfire with his home intact.

The home?  A concrete dome designed to survive mother nature’s fury.

John Belles had been at work 30 miles away from his home when a friend called to say the fire that has ravaged Okanogan County was closing in on his property.  Belles quickly returned home and shuttled vehicles away from his property and then prepared for the flames.

“The fire was getting close, in fact, there was a firefighter there at the time who got trapped inside when I shut the gate inadvertently,” Belles said to Good Morning America.

“I grabbed the hose, soaked my clothing down and doused the north side of the building as much as I could. [The fire] got close enough that it was super heated and getting uncomfortable out there in the smoke. I went inside, shut the door behind me and watched it move by.”

Belles said the flames roared through his property in about a minute.  He watched the flames through the windows of his concrete shell.

“The building survived as it’s supposed to. I was surprised the outside of the building didn’t have any damage at all. The whole 20 acres is just scorched.”

4 thoughts on “Concrete Dome Home Survives Wildfire

  1. As soon as my finances are released. Im. relocating to Branson..Halleluyah! I have been there one summer…”Loved. It! And intrested in a cabin.

  2. My son and his wife wants to move there and be a part of jim and lori bakers mission.he is a proessional interior and exterior painter has been for yrs. His passion is cooking.

  3. The homes could also be made a spray foam insulation. Not for fire tho,but they would could build one a day easily with one machine. Hcould easily heat with one candle or body heat !

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