Despite being publicly and privately warned, Israel has begun bombing Rafah in the Gaza Strip

Rescued-Israeli-Hostages Freed hostages Fernando Simon Marman, right, and Luis Har, second from left, hug relatives after being rescued from captivity in the Gaza Strip, at the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, Israel, on Monday. Israeli army via AP

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Important Takeaways:

  • Israeli forces rescue 2 hostages in Rafah and hammer the crowded city
  • The dramatic rescue of Fernando Marman, 60, and Louis Har, 70, came amid mounting international concerns over a planned Israeli ground assault on Rafah.
  • Israeli forces retrieved the two Israeli men taken captive during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack in a “complex” overnight operation carried out “under fire in the heart of Rafah,” Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said.
  • The operation included a “wave of strikes” to help “enable the force’s disengagement” and strike Hamas operatives in the area, he said.
  • The strikes set off widespread panic, according to the NBC News crew, with crowds racing to take loved ones, including children, to the Kuwait Hospital.
  • The IDF had confirmed overnight that its forces conducted strikes in the area of Shaboura

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