Exciting News from Generation NOW

On January 27, Pastor Jim announced the newly appointed President and Director of Master’s Media, Andrew Lietzen and Zach Drew, respectively. After four years of running the program himself, Pastor Jim relinquished the reins and has passed the baton to these two talented individuals.

Generation NOW started with just a few students, Zach being one of the first. Andrew joined the Morningside team as the head of the editing department, a position he continues to hold.

Together, along with other students, they have developed from a school that teaches young folks all the ins and outs of TV production to get the Word of the Lord out to the youth of the world, to a show that is broadcast world-wide!

The show was recently picked up by REVtv on the internet as a regular show and is on the verge of expanding to other networks.

The show is streamed live on Fridays at 11 a.m. CST from our very own Tabernacle and reaches out to the world on topics that are pertinent to kids worldwide.

The students in Generation NOW participate in not only their own shows, but also by doing everything from pre-production setups to some of the technical duties in the taping of the Jim Bakker Show, to the final pieces needed to get not only Pastor Jim’s show – an amazing feat for even major network productions – much less our shows here at Morningside. From beginning to end, they do a great job.

Andrew says “No one in the industry works as hard and are as diversified in skills as these students. They are so motivated, not only in their hunger to learn, but more importantly in getting the Word of God out to the world and leading them to the Lord.”

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  1. Hi Zack,

    I may not be leaving this information in the right place but I wanted to share some news I have recently heard that is very interesting and exciting regarding end times. A gentleman was a guest on Prophecy in the News last week and he was talking about how there is archeological proof and scriptural proof that the Temple Mount is NOT where the original temple stood as history has told it for so many years. Even the Jewish people have carried out the belief that the Temple Mount is where they call the Wailing Wall when it actually is the remnants of an old Roman fortress, referred to as Antonio. I would recommend you looking into this awesome discovery because as this gentleman said, the Jewish people could build the Temple tomorrow if they wanted to because the site where this original temple actually stood belongs to the Israeli Government, State Department….anyway, you can get all the details from Prophecy in the News where they are discussing this with their guest. His name slips me at the moment but it is exciting news! God bless you all there at Morningside!

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