GenerationNOW Broadcasts First Live Show On Their Website

Friday, August 17, 2012 enters the Jim Bakker history books as the day GenerationNOW produced their first live broadcast from their own studios on their own website.

The students also learned the grace under pressure that can only be obtained by a broadcaster facing the deadline of a live broadcast and all the small details that come from broadcasting your own network.

The morning was filled with the GenerationNOW team writing news. Positioning cameras. Changing sets. Moving lights. Testing microphones.

The live stream featured special musical guests and an extended news segment that will be part of the new format of the daily iShow. The GenerationNOW team is taking large steps forward in their goal of a 24-hour network aimed at speaking the truth to today’s generation.

Harmony Hayes and Sasha Volz hosted the show. The hosts interacted in a manner reminiscent of classic TV morning shows like Good Morning, America or the Today show.

The news, anchored by Nolan Schmidt and Rose Glendenning, featured comedic commentary from the anchors in the mold of national TV shows “The Daily Show” or “The Colbert Report.”

The musical guest, Drese of the group “Once Lost”, debuted his new song “Rock Star.” Drese said it was the story of his testimony of coming out of prison, why he was on the street and how God is redeeming him.

The iShow from the GenerationNOW studios will be broadcasting Monday and Friday from the GenerationNOW studios and also on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when the Jim Bakker Show is not taping on Grace Street. Keep up with the students and the show on their website,

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