Houston, Texas holds Nuclear Training exercise after Joe Biden warning to N.K.

Analysis that shows a nuclear attack on Houston from North Korea could kill around 130,000

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Important Takeaways:

  • Houston holds week-long NUCLEAR training exercise led by the FBI and the military to learn how best to deal with a nuke dropped on a US city
  • A ‘large-scale’ nuclear training drill will be held in Houston this week as the military war games the unthinkable.
  • The FBI has warned residents of Harris County and southeast Houston that ‘multi-agency’ exercises will be carried out from Monday to Friday to simulate a nuclear attack.
  • The agency reassured the public there was no need to be alarmed by the presence of ‘military personnel and aircraft, and people in protective equipment’.
  • Analysis shows about 130,000 people could be killed if Houston was attacked
  • FBI Houston said this week’s drills were ‘part of a series of regularly scheduled US government biannual exercises’.
  • ‘The exercise is an opportunity for participating entities to practice and enhance operational readiness to respond in the event of a nuclear incident in the United States or overseas,’ the FBI said.
  • ‘The training exercise will not pose any risk or interference to the public.’
  • It comes after Joe Biden warned North Korea that a nuclear attack would be met with an overwhelming response.
  • The US President was speaking during a state visit by South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol last week, in which the pair agreed to the ‘Washington Declaration’, formalizing steps to deter North Korea.
  • Last month, a top Russian security official warned the threat of nuclear war had increased due to NATO providing military assistance to Ukraine.

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