Hungary Now Calls Migrant Crisis A “German Problem”

Matthew 24:12 KJV And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

The leader of Hungary, which has been struggling with an influx of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, says the problem is a “German problem” because that’s the destination for most of the immigrants.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban added, however, that he would not allow migrants to leave his country without registering.

“Nobody would like to stay in Hungary, neither in Slovakia nor Poland nor Estonia,” Orban said.  “All of them would like to go to Germany. Our job is only to register them.”

The comments from the country’s leader comes as the country’s train station in the capital city of Budapest was reopened to migrants.  However, the trains that migrants board only travels to a registration center and not to Germany or other European Union (EU) nations.

Many of the migrants are resisting efforts to leave the trains at the registration center in Bicske and are having to be removed by police.

German officials have previously stated they expect to take in over 800,000 migrants this year, four times the number from last year.  However, they are calling for “fair” distribution of the current migrant influx to all EU nations.

Emergency meetings to discuss the situation between EU leaders is scheduled for mid-month.

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