Jim Bakker and John Paul Jackson Discuss Boston Tragedy

When a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing happens, people everywhere cry out for answers.  Pastor Jim Bakker and John Paul Jackson discuss this and other acts of terrorism in America, a country that was once considered the safest place on earth.

Pastor Jim referred to an amazing recent word of knowledge the Lord gave him to “Pray for Boston” and played back the tape from December of 2012 when he gave this word on live television. He said he didn’t understand it, but he knew he had to be obedient to give the word.

We understand it now.

Both John Paul and Pastor Jim believe that the hedge of God’s protection has been let down and the enemy is able to breach our walls because of rebellion, lawlessness and disobedience. John Paul talked about a prophetic word years ago about explosions in cities, malls, sporting events, and schools – creating fear in the heart of America.

John Paul talked about how we have allowed our philosophies to rearrange our theology by leaving out large parts of the Bible, namely the Old Testament, when we determine the nature of God. We need to understand the Old Testament so that we can understand the ways of God. We’ve removed the absolutes of scripture by discounting the Old Testament and building a foundation on the New Testament only. Such theology will say, “We don’t need to repent, because we’ve already been forgiven.”

God holds severity and kindness in perfect balance!

In Exodus 4, God says He will correct you and if you don’t pay attention, then seven worse things will happen, and if you don’t pay attention, then seven worse things! In His judicial nature, the scales of justice are perfectly balanced. We will live with the repercussions of whom we submit ourselves to obey.

If we don’t get back to the foundation of the Word, we will experience more and more harshness as the enemy is able to breach our walls. We must seek after righteousness. Seek first the kingdom & righteousness.

John Paul talked about the years 2010-2020 and the things that will happen in the church in America. He said that what’s about to happen in America hasn’t happened in its history, and abortion is a major factor in the impact of our rebellion.

Pastor Jim said he has taken a stand for people to prepare and believes we are to be the center of the universe when things get bad. In the days of Joseph in Egypt, people mocked preparations. But, food became the center of finances of the day!

In tomorrow’s show, John Paul will be sharing headlines that the Lord gave him prophetically.

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