John Shorey Brings A Master Class on Revelation

Yesterday on Grace Street, John Shorey presented a master class on the book of Revelation that brought truth and wisdom beyond what many people find in classes at a Bible College.

The talk on unraveling the mystery of Revelation focused on the Scriptures in the Bible that clearly show us when the rapture is going to happen and the ways that God’s people are going to be impacted before the return of Christ.

Six things need to happen before the rapture according to Shorey’s teachings.  The first will actually come from a major event, the collapse of the world economy.  That will lead to what is shown in Revelation 13:1:  a one-world government is formed.

Shorey also outlined a series of parallels between Matthew 24 and Revelation 6, where God showed Matthew the things that he would reveal decades later to John.  However, Matthew didn’t understand the significance of what he was seeing at the time.

However, Shorey wasn’t done amazing those in attendance with the way the Word is outlining the way the end times are going to arrive.

He shared about the scriptures and how many of the descriptions of the mountains shaking down and the sky rolling up like a scroll parallels real life volcanoes.

“When Mount St. Helens erupted,” Shorey said, “there were great black clouds of smoke and ash that rushed through the sky at 200 miles per hour.  Witnesses said they looked just like a rolling scroll.”

He said that the volcano below Yellowstone is being saved for after the sixth sign of the return of the King.

The only negative that people in attendance had to say was that time ran out and John Shorey had to stop with his incredible teaching!

18 thoughts on “John Shorey Brings A Master Class on Revelation

  1. looking for a bookmark that John Shorey presented on the JB show. It gave a chronological order for the Book of Revelation. Any suggestions on how to fine the bookmark or the chronological list?

    • Judy the book that we offer of John’s doesn’t come with the bookmark. Doing a quick Google search, it looks like Sid Roth’s site was offering it.

  2. You mean like the climate warming…OOPS climate freezing….ooops climate GATE that is going on?? It is just days away from Dec NOW. I live in Cali….hope we don’t have one for a WHILE….
    But GOD is in control……HE is the ONE who makes me tremble……not man!
    IF we quake then I know where I will be heading…to SEE my LORD. As Paul writes…absent the body PRESENT with the LORD….I say Glory to GOD amen

  3. I believe that Shorey is correct concerning post-trib. But even though most of America’s born agains continue as pre-trib, they need a plan B in case they find themselves in the trib. Some even consider that there is no orthodox interpretation other than pre-trib; this is a set up for disaster in their walk with the Savior.

  4. why cant you post john shorey’s discussion on Revelation be put on your website, in its entirety ..everyone needs to hear what he is teaching…..not everyone is able to come to where it is….please respond

  5. Earthquake in the pacific Northwest in October—– I live in SW Washington, about 350 miles give or take South of Seattle, Wa and just across the Columbia river from Portland Oregon. The news here has been focusing a lot lately on what to do in case of Tsunami, earthquake or both. I am hoping we live far enough inland so as not to be affected by water, however Mt. Rainier here would be the first to blow, Mt. Hood not as likely. We’re not totally prepared yet, but almost. God, have mercy on us all.

  6. I received the 4th of July Celebration DVD set. I will be showing it to the Ladies. Thank you for any materials that will enhance the Revelation study. Looking forward to getting the chart when it becomes available./

  7. The most rivoting reading on end time events. The clarity of the material is amazing. Thank you for prophetic insight that I have not found any where else. May god richly bless this ministry

  8. I will be presenting his book in September to my ladies bible study group. The ladies are from various churches in the San Diego area.
    It would be helpful to have the chart. Keep
    Me posted.
    Thank you for your program. I watch it faithfully.

  9. We were on Grace street selling our crafts. We were awestruck by John’s teaching. Is it possible to get a printed copy of that large chart he had on stage?

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