Third Blood Moon Occurs Easter Weekend

The third blood moon lunar eclipse in the 18-month long tetrad will occur this Saturday on the morning of Easter Vigil and within the first night of Passover.

Earth’s shadow will cover the entire moon at 4:58 a.m. PST and the total eclipse will last approximately five minutes, making it the shortest eclipse in a century. The short timing of this eclipse is caused by the moon skimming the outskirts of Earth’s shadow, rather than passing through centrally.

Red light is created around the rim of the Earth when it covers the sun and that red light beams onto the moon, causing the blood red tint.

After Saturday, the next blood moon is expected September 28, 2015.

Ears to Hear

One of the most amazing things we’ve ever done on our show was just recently when we sent Zach down to Texas to talk with a precious couple about their calf. This was no ordinary calf – and it was no ordinary town. The calf was a red heifer born with a “7” outlined perfectly on its head.

You might recall on our recent shows with Rabbi Cahn where he told us of a previous black calf born with a “7” clearly outlined on its face. The Rabbi said this calf was another “harbinger” that confirms that we are entering a time of judgment in this nation at the end of this Shemitah 7-year cycle which is in September. Continue reading

Trumpets are Sounding! (Pt. 1)

I sat on the set recently with John Shorey, a dear friend whom I believe God has anointed with a clear message for the Last Days. John has heard from God in many instances, and what he hears, he shares with us and our television audience which could number in the millions. I don’t take it lightly that these prophetic messages are being given on our show – because God told me to provide the platform for the prophets to speak to the people in the Last Days and that’s what I’m doing. Continue reading

John Shorey Brings A Master Class on Revelation

Yesterday on Grace Street, John Shorey presented a master class on the book of Revelation that brought truth and wisdom beyond what many people find in classes at a Bible College.

The talk on unraveling the mystery of Revelation focused on the Scriptures in the Bible that clearly show us when the rapture is going to happen and the ways that God’s people are going to be impacted before the return of Christ.

Six things need to happen before the rapture according to Shorey’s teachings.  The first will actually come from a major event, the collapse of the world economy.  That will lead to what is shown in Revelation 13:1:  a one-world government is formed.

Shorey also outlined a series of parallels between Matthew 24 and Revelation 6, where God showed Matthew the things that he would reveal decades later to John.  However, Matthew didn’t understand the significance of what he was seeing at the time.

However, Shorey wasn’t done amazing those in attendance with the way the Word is outlining the way the end times are going to arrive.

He shared about the scriptures and how many of the descriptions of the mountains shaking down and the sky rolling up like a scroll parallels real life volcanoes.

“When Mount St. Helens erupted,” Shorey said, “there were great black clouds of smoke and ash that rushed through the sky at 200 miles per hour.  Witnesses said they looked just like a rolling scroll.”

He said that the volcano below Yellowstone is being saved for after the sixth sign of the return of the King.

The only negative that people in attendance had to say was that time ran out and John Shorey had to stop with his incredible teaching!

Fireball Seen Across New York and Ontario

A fireball was spotted flying across the skies of western New York and Ontario, Canada.

The object was caught on dashboard cameras of drivers throughout the region.  A streaking object as bright as the sun is seen flying around 4:16 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

The American Meteor Society is looking into the available footage.

Witnesses say that a large boom accompanied the object.  There has been no impact zone found so if it was a meteor it did not make it to the planet’s surface.

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower happened on Monday.  The meteor shower happens around the same time every year according to NASA.

British Scientist Says Human Microchipping Will Be Mandatory

A British scientist says that the implanting of microchips in humans will be something that won’t be seen as optional in the near future.

Dr. Mark Gasson of the University of Reading in Britain says that RFID tags will become so commonplace that everyone will be expected to have one for business and healthcare.

“It’s not possible to interact in society today in a meaningful way without having a mobile phone,” Dr. Gasson told the Sydney Morning Herald.  “I think human implants will go along a similar route.  It will be such a disadvantage not to have the implant that it will essentially not be optional.”

Gasson is known as the first human being to contract a computer virus after a chip in his arm placed in 2009 that carried a virus, which infected his school’s entire computer network.

“It has the potential to change the very essence of what it means to be human,” Dr. Gasson said.

VeriChip, a company that provides RFID chips to medical facilities, has recently began a campaign encouraging parents to microchip their children to protect their children in the event of kidnapping.  However, it has been revealed the company’s chips do not have GPS technology, so they would be useless in an actual search for missing children.

Asteroids Cause Nuclear Level Explosions In Atmosphere

A new report shows that asteroids caused more than two dozen nuclear-level explosions in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The report from the B612 Foundation shows that the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization recorded 26 nuclear-level explosions between 2000 and 2013.  One blast was dozens of times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb with an equivalent power of 16 kilotons of TNT.

Scientists quoted in the report say that the explosions were too high in the atmosphere to cause serious damage on the ground.  However, the explosions show the significant threat to the planet from asteroid impacts.

“While most large asteroids with the potential to destroy an entire country or continent have been detected, less than 10,000 of the more than a million dangerous asteroids with the potential to destroy an entire major metropolitan area have been found by all existing space or terrestrially operated observatories,” former astronaut Ed Lu said.

Lu referenced the 2013 500-kiloton meteor explosion over Russia that caused significant damage to hundreds of square miles of homes and businesses.

Rare Oarfish Sighting Concerns Mexican Residents

The Japanese believe that the oarfish, which lives at ocean depths of up to 3,000 feet below the surface, are so sensitive to tectonic movements that they surface or beach themselves in advance of an earthquake.

That legend has Mexican residents concerned after two oarfish were caught on video attempting to beach themselves near Isla San Francisco in Baja California Sur.

The video of the incident was posted by the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago and show beachgoers pushing the fish back out to sea in an attempt to save their lives.  Oarfish are notoriously bad swimmers and usually swim in a vertical manner rather than horizontally like other fish.

While oarfish can grow to over 50 feet long, these two fish were only around 15 feet long.

Some scientists dispute the idea of the fish being able to detect seismic shifts by pointing to other times the fish has been found on a beach without a major earthquake immediately following the beaching oar.

Revelation 13 (Pt. 5)

He will also use deceptive signs, and he will be able to perform miracles in his efforts to win people’s allegiance to his boss (13:12–15). This is one reason why I so adamantly caution Christians not to be so enamored with miracles. Some Christians run from church to church, town after town, in search of the next big spiritual flash. Yes, our God does indeed do miracles. But be careful. Not every miracle comes from God! In ancient times, false prophets were able to perform miracles, whether real or through some form of chicanery, and in our time, we’ve seen our share of charlatans.

Now, John warned us that the False Prophet is going to wow people with miracles and “great signs,” even making fire come down out of heaven, as the prophet Elijah did and as the two witnesses to come will do in Jerusalem. Many people will be deceived by the False Prophet. This is the spirit of devils working miracles (16:14).

Although he may look and sound like a lamb, the antichrist’s beastly cohort is devious. He will establish a false religion, bringing all the world’s religions together and forming an umbrella religion designed to worship the antichrist (13:14–15), an eclectic, inclusive, tolerant religion. The only religious beliefs that will not be tolerated will be biblical Christianity. Can you not see that this is beginning to happen in the U.S. and throughout the world? Continue reading

Red Lights of Prophecy Flashing

We are living in amazing days!  This is the time the Bible refers to as the last days which are sometimes called perilous times, and also called, “The days of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.”

Look at Acts 2:17-21 and see the good and bad events of these days!…

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke:

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. KJV Continue reading