Marines Performing Gospel Song Goes Viral

Psalm 96:3 Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

In these days where Christians in the Armed Forces are coming under attack, it’s rare that a video with troops praising God is able to gain attention let alone not be stopped by anti-Christian groups.

A video of almost 500 Marines at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton performing the song “Days of Elijah” is flying around the internet obtaining millions of views.

The troops loudly proclaim, “There is no God like Jehovah” and even shout “oorah!” to emphasize some points of the song declaring the one and true God.

“I’m really happy that this video has gone viral, but the thing that I’m hoping for is that I want people to pray for our troops. That’s my intention. I want more people praying for our troops because there is so much bad news in the media that I want people seeing something positive,” Merrie Baldwin, a volunteer who posted the video, told The Christian Post.  “We do prayer request cards with them and the majority of them are very concerned with ISIS right now.”

The worship services and outreach began as an offshoot of a Christmas activity from Arbor Christian Fellowship Church in Lake Forrest, California.  They would provide gifts and baked goods for the soldiers away from their home on the holidays.

“Every second Sunday we go down and the Saturday before I bake thousands of cookies. So I bring cookies with me because most of the guys are homesick and missing their moms or wives,” Baldwin said.  “I give them a bag of cookies and we have the church service, and my husband and I stand at the back and we are just there available if they need counseling or just want to talk to somebody ’cause they are homesick or to pray with them.”


11 thoughts on “Marines Performing Gospel Song Goes Viral

  1. Jerry ,Vietnam vet in in east Texas .I praise god for men like this in our military .I know they know God is help in present danger . Because if it weren’t for God being with me in Vietnam ,I wouldn’t be here today.I praise God and give Him all Honor and Glory.

  2. God is so good, God Bless and be with our dear soldiers and keep them safe!…This is so moving and shocking cause I didnt know they would allow it….so glad they do…voices of angels in my oppinion!…Thanks for the inspiration….there is hope for America my friends…keep the faith!..God is coming soon!

  3. I was stunned to see this, I really had no idea that this was allowed with the military suppressing
    religious freedoms right and left and after this gets enough exposure the atheists will be after
    this also, so Praise God for the opportunity to enjoy it while we can. Hoorah!

  4. Dear Father in Heaven, Please be with our military members as they work to keep our country and the citizens of the U S A safe from the enemy. Protect them, keep us all in your loving care in the name of JESUS. We praise your Holy Name, we love you and we worship you our ONE AND ONLY GOD On Jesus name Amen

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