Museum To Present “Overwhelming Evidence For Creation”

Genesis 1:1 NCV In the beginning God created the sky and the earth.

A new museum proposed for Boise, Idaho is being described as a place to present “overwhelming evidence’ for God’s creation of Earth and life.

The Northwest Science Museum is proposing a large national history museum that would have exhibits detailing the Earth’s history from a Biblical perspective.  The museum’s proposed building would appear similar to Noah’s ark with a dinosaur on the roof.

“We want to show a lot of science that’s being censored and not presented to the public,” Doug Bennett, the museum’s executive director, told the Idaho Statesman.

Bennett told the Christian News Network that the goal is to show how science actually backs up the creation story in Genesis.

“They need to know that there is true science that backs up creation,” Bennett asserted. “The church as a whole has shied away from this issue. Our goal is to help pastors and lay teachers understand the overwhelming evidence for creation from a scientific point of view, and that we don’t need to be afraid to talk about origins.”

“All Christian doctrine is based in Genesis and most within the first 11 chapters of Genesis. So it’s extremely important to understand origins,” Bennett added.  “Understanding origins leads one to have to make a decision about God as a creator, and if God created you, then he makes the rules and you are accountable to him; and if you are accountable, then you have to either accept Jesus as Lord and savior or reject him. That’s one of the goals of the Northwest Science Museum: to bring people to the point where they have to make a decision about God.”

The structure as proposed would cost $150 million and provides 350,000 square feet for the museum and offices.


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