Report of Turkey’s earthquake is the worst in the past decade

Destroyed buildings Tuesday in Hatay, Turkey. Ibrahim Oner / Sipa USA via AP

Matthew 24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places

Important Takeaways:

  • Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria live updates: Death toll soars past 11,000 from the deadliest quake in a decade
  • The death toll from Monday’s devastating earthquakes has soared past 11,000 and is expected to rise.
  • The temblor has become the deadliest since Japan’s 9.0-magnitude quake in 2011 sparked a triple catastrophe that left more than an estimated 20,000 people dead.
    • The death toll has risen to 11,719.
    • In Turkey, at least 9,057 have died, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Another 40,910 are injured, according to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, and 8,000 people have been rescued from the rubble alive.
    • In Syria, at least 2,662 people total have died, which includes at least 1,262 in government-held areas and at least 1,400 in rebel-held territories. More than 22,000 people are injured in government-held areas, according to the Syrian Health Ministry, and more than 2,700 are injured in rebel-held territories, according to the White Helmets. Desperate efforts to rescue survivors continue in Turkey and Syria as frigid conditions hamper progress in some areas.
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged problems with the relief effort after visiting the affected areas Wednesday.
  • A civil war and shattered roads slow aid to quake-hit Syria

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