Ruins of Old Testament City Found

Daniel 12:4 NLT “But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase."

Archaeologists believe they have found the city of Libnah, an ancient city mentioned multiple times in the Bible.

The scientists have been studying the remains of a ancient village since 2009 at a site 20 miles southwest of Jeruslaem.  The site, Tel Burna, is on a strategic borer region between ancient Israel and the Philistines in the west.

“The identification of the site has been debated for more than a century,” Dr. Itzhaq Shai, director of the Tel Burna dig project, told Popular Archaeology. “There are scholars who have claimed that Tel Burna is biblical Libnah, which was mentioned several times in the Bible. This identification was based mainly on geographical and historical arguments.”

Libnah was visited by the Israelites as they fled Egypt according to Leviticus 33.  Joshua and the Israelite army conquered the city as they went to the Promised Land (Joshua 10).

“The site of Tel Burna is located in the Shephelah region, which served as a border between the kingdoms of Judah and Philistia in the Iron Age,” explains The Tel Burna Excavation Project’s website. “A fertile area that supported agricultural production, the region became known as the breadbasket of the south. … Survey finds from the 2009 season indicate that the city was an important entity in the Bronze and Iron Ages.”

The study is the latest in discoveries in Israel that prove the Bible.

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