Schools In Texas, Ohio Close Over Ebola Fear

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Concerns over Ebola have shut down schools in two states.

Two public schools in Ohio are closed because staff members were on the same flight as Amber Vinson, the second nurse who contracted Ebola and flew from Ohio to Texas with a low grade fever.

An e-mail was sent to parents of children at Solon Middle School and Parkside Elementary School.

“This circumstance came to light late in the day and we have been working since then to get as much information as possible from public health authorities,” the district’s email read.

“Although we believe what the science community and public health officials are telling us about the low risk of possible transmission of the virus through indirect contact, we are nonetheless taking the unusual step of closing the dual school building for Thursday so that we can have the schools cleaned and disinfected.”

The Belton Independent School District in Texas closed all three schools because of two students who were on the flight.

“Canceling classes at the three campuses will allow us to thoroughly clean and disinfect the schools and buses that served them this week. It will also allow health officials additional time to re-assess the health risk to passengers on the plane,” said Belton Superintendent Susan Kincannon in a statement.  “I’m frustrated that we didn’t learn until late tonight that the CDC was re-evaluating the health risk. The health and safety of our students is my first priority.”


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