Syrian Rebels Capture Major Military Base

Mark 13:8 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

Syrian rebels overran opposition at a base 15 miles west of Aleppo. The assault reportedly had been lead by Islamic militants.

The rebels reportedly gained access to anti-aircraft guns and other military weaponry, giving them a significant advantage in the battle for the largest city in the country. Videos posted online showed rebels taking control of a tank.

The rebels raised a flag over the base of radical Islamic Jihadist extremists. The main force fighting the government, the Free Syrian Army, reportedly was not even contacted to be involved in the assault.

The BBC is reporting that Islamic extremist groups are coming into parts of the city that had been under rebel control and inserting their influence while the FSA fights government troops. This is allowing the extremists to gain a political and social foothold without having to directly fight the government.

This issue is causing complications in support from the international community in that many governments do not want to provide weapons to Islamic extremists groups.

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