Three Men Die From Squirrel Virus

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A new report on the deaths of three German men who worked as squirrel breeders has found that they all died from a new strain of virus that jumped from the squirrels to the men.

“A new bornavirus that can be transmitted to humans and cause severe disease has been detected in variegated squirrels. The study shows that exotic animal species can have the risk of transmitting novel zoonotic viruses to humans from close contact,” said Dr. Martin Beer, head of virus diagnostics at Germany’s Friedrich-Loeffler Institute.

The men developed encephaltits, or brain inflammation, and died within two to four months after showing symptoms

The breed of squirrel involved live in southern Mexico and Central America.  That’s one of the reasons Dr. Marc Siegel of NYU Langone Medical Center in New York told HealthDay the general public shouldn’t be concerned at this time.

“It’s likely that bornavirus, commonly found in horses and sheep and capable of causing neurological symptoms, was present in the squirrels that scratched these men, causing the neurological and behavioral symptoms,” he said.  “It is possible that this virus could spread to squirrels here in the U.S. and occasionally to humans, but we wouldn’t see sustained spread, as there is no evidence of spread from human to human.”

All the men who died from the virus were in their 60s or older and had other health conditions that doctors say could have contributed to the virus being able to impact them.

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  1. It’s funny, I remarked to my Mom earlier this summer; where are all the squirrels? There are very few compared to previous years.

  2. I live in South Carolina just out side Charleston, I am a avid gradener and wild life watcher. This spring I was and still puzzled, their are NO squirrels at my feeders not one called our wild life rescue . On answers.

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