Tracy Dartt coming to Grace Street at Morningside October 27, 2011

Pastor Jim Bakker and the Morningside family are delighted to welcome Tracy Dartt to Grace Street for a live show at 10:30 a.m. on October 27th, 2011.

Tracy Dartt has written hundreds of gospel songs, many of which have been recorded by some of the finest groups and soloists in gospel music.

This song is very special to Pastor Jim Bakker. When he was in prison and at an all-time low in his life, through a little transistor radio came the words of “God On The Mountain”; life-giving words that Pastor Jim now claims as his unparalleled favorite song of all time!

There are times when the message of a song – a few words put to music – can move a heart or change a life. It can have more of an impact than a great novel or an epic film. Especially a song like “God On The Mountain”. It’s Message? GOD LOVES YOU, and His love for you is not dependent upon your circumstances. Whether you are down in the valley or on the mountaintop His love never changes.

“God On The Mountain”, which has been recorded over 200 times by artists such as The McKameys, Lynda Randle, Jake Hess, The Weatherfords, and many more and in at least 8 different languages. The song has been used on several of Bill Gaither’s “Homecoming” videos, and is used frequently in his “Homecoming” live concerts.

You won’t want to miss this show as it promises to be a very poignant reminder of just how much God is with us in the valleys of life, as well as the mountaintops!