Morningside Master’s Media Ministers at Harvest Assembly in Oak Grove, AR

On September 23, 2011, the Morningside Master’s Media Students presented a human video drama during a revival hosted by the Harvest Assembly church of Oak Grove, Arkansas.

Aneeca, Nolan, Sasha, Rose, and Jillian along with Ricky Bakker and the youth from Harvest Assembly performed a drama that depicted the everyday pressures and distractions in the life of teenagers. Desperate to feel accepted, they look to the answers of the world. Romance, greed, self-confidence, depression, drugs and alcohol are constant struggles. Jesus waits patiently for the chance to tear down the walls and break the chains.

We are so proud of our Morningside Master’s Media students. God has opened doors for them to minister not only through the production of the Jim Bakker Show, but also to our community. These students are, in fact, world changers!

If either you, or someone you know and love would like more information about Morningside Master’s Media, you can download the brochure, or call 1.417.779.9000.  The brochure includes every detail including application and scholarship forms.  Many of the questions you might have about Morningside Master’s Media are answered in this publication.

Time is short.  Jesus is coming soon.  It’s time to realize your DREAM of becoming all that God has planned for your life.  It’s no accident that you’re reading this right now.  This is the generation that will prepare the way of the Lord.  There are open arms waiting for you or your loved one at Morningside Master’s Media.