TRUNEWS and RICK WILES Doing Well after Hurricane Matthew

Rick Wiles

By Kami Klein

We have had several people asking as to the welfare of Rick Wiles and his family as well as his team from TRUNEWS located in Vero Beach, Florida.  Last week, the hurricane was forecasted to make a direct hit on Vero Beach, but God was good and the storm headed north and just brushed the area.   

From many Facebook posts, we learned that many of the staff at TRUNEWS did evacuate for the safety of their families and so far there are no reports of damage.  On Friday afternoon, Rick did post a quick Facebook comment to reassure all of his friends and family.  truenews
Thank you for all of your prayers for Rick Wiles, his church and family, and for all of the staff that works so very hard at the TRUNEWS Network.  

You can follow TRUNEWS on the PTL Television Network 

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