Tucker Carlson goes to Russia, maybe to do real Journalism: Mainstream Media goes full panic

Tucker Carlson

Important Takeaways:

  • US Propaganda Machine Panicking Tucker Carlson Will Continue Objective Reporting in Russia
  • The prominent American political commentator previously claimed his efforts to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin made him a target of US government surveillance, undermining ‘official’ narratives about the “boogeyman” leader.
  • Maverick US journalist Tucker Carlson has raised eyebrows after being spotted in Moscow this week, with observers speculating Carlson has arrived to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • “The fact that this targeting [of Carlson] is happening in the way it is happening now signifies a fear from the United States,” said Isabel. “They are fearful of a conversation that somebody like Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin could have because Tucker Carlson did leave Fox [News]. And since he did leave Fox, so much has happened in the world where, as you all were talking about before, there are major escalations, not only in the Asia-Pacific region, but also obviously with Iran via Israel-Palestine and via, of course, Ukraine.”
  • “…So I think that’s why at this pivotal moment, the powers that be are extremely afraid of this interview, to the point where they’re saying that they’re going to go after Tucker Carlson in a legal way for simply being here and trying to attempt to do journalism.”
  • “They have gone so far off from what journalism was supposed to be that they don’t recognize that this is actually what you’re supposed to do, talk to adversarial figures or people that you may disagree with,” noted the analyst.

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