Type 2 Diabetes Connected To Brain Deterioration

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Doctors have now been able to confirm that type 2 diabetes has a direct connection to the loss of brain matter.

Doctors have known for many years that diabetes has a negative impact on the brain but the study of patients using MRIs shows that long term diabetes has a direct correlation to the greatest loss of brain tissue.

“It’d been thought that most, if not all, of the effect of diabetes on the brain was due to vascular disease that diabetics gets and, therefore, stroke,” Dr. R. Nick Bryan of the University of Pennsylvania told Fox News.  “We found in addition to that, there’s sort of diffuse loss of brain tissue, atrophy, we think may have a direct effect on the diabetes on the brain.”

A study of MRIs on patients close to 62 years of age with type 2 diabetes for at least 10 years showed the greatest reductions of the brain’s gray matter, where the neurons of the brain are located.

Researchers say that for people with diabetes, proper care is a priority to help delay the impact the disease will have on the vascular system and the brain.

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  1. Reading the article on Type 2 Diabetes, I am reminded of neighbors who live around me. Most of them are diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. To my amazement most are smokers, heavy drinkers (alcohol) and years of bad eating habits. Let’s not forget the sugar…..

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