Warning: AI could be programed to target Christians

Revelations 13:14 “…by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast it deceives those who dwell on earth…”

Important Takeaways:

  • AI Could Fuel Persecution of Christians, Group Warns
  • New report spells out five different ways the technology could be leveraged by governments or malicious actors
  • “Christians and religious minorities are typically among the most vulnerable communities in many countries around the world, and the exploitation of new AI technologies could make things even worse for them,” David Curry, CEO of Global Christian Relief (GCR), said in a press release. “There is tremendous upside with AI, but also tremendous risk, especially at the speed AI is evolving. We need to slow down and think through how AI is being implemented. Otherwise, the consequences for persecuted Christians and others could be disastrous.”
    • Surveillance and facial recognition
      • The group reports that Chinese-made facial recognition software is being used to track and arrest protestors in Myanmar, while in Iran, police will soon begin using smart cameras to identify and punish women who violate laws requiring them to wear a hijab.
    • Censorship and content filtering
      • Malevolent government actors could alter search results and manipulate responses to not recommend going to church, not provide addresses to church, or tell an individual that going to church would lower their social credit score.
    • Deepfakes
      • As advances are made in video, due to AI, fake videos of pastors or faith leaders could be produced to make it seem as though they said something “blasphemous or insulting, giving enemies a pretext for harassment, arrests, and violence,”
    • Predictive policing
      • Hostile governments could weaponize AI technology to predict where Christians and religious minorities may meet for worship services, allowing police officers, government agents, or terrorists to target them for arrest, attacks, or death.

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