We are in this together! Stay Home and watch The PTL Television Network! Let’s Grow a little with God!

During this unprecedented time in history, we are all in this together! For most of us, this means remaining safe at home. In our lives before this terrible pandemic, it was difficult to find the time for in-depth Bible study and experiencing glorious hours talking with our Lord. The world’s news today shifts and changes moment by moment but the Word of God stays the same. Perhaps now is the time to go a little deeper and uplift your spirit as you study and grow in your faith. The PTL Television Network exists to bring you great teachings on your beautiful journey with Jesus.

There are amazing programs on the PTL Television Network! Programs such as Skye Watch TV hosted by Tom Horn, Derek Gilbert, and the News Raiders Team. SkyWatch TV covers the latest breaking news and information on cutting-edge topics such as religion, prophecy, discovery, and the supernatural through in-depth, investigative reports on what is happening in the world today.

Follow the latest news headlines and information as well as experience some amazing fellowship and encouragement on The Zach Drew Show, Life with Lori and The Mondo Show!

For an incredible Biblical learning experience tune in to the PTL Television Network and join Jim Bakker on an epic journey through the Book of Revelation in Revelation Revealed and see Revelation events unfold before your very eyes!

Read the Scriptures along with Pastor, complete with direct translations and word studies in the original Greek and Hebrew to enhance your understanding of this prophetic text. These 28 lessons are so important to know in these end times and Pastor shares in-depth to help you see the incredible supernatural wisdom direct from God. Create a virtual study group with your friends and family! You will want to share all you learn from this amazing series!

The PTL Television Network has programs that will inspire everyone! You can watch the PTL Television Network from your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or ptlnetwork.com. Don’t forget, if you download the PTL network phone app you can watch us anywhere!

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