We’re on Roku!!

I am absolutely amazed and excited to announce that our Roku channel for the Generation Now Network has been officially approved. We are NOW LIVE on Roku!

It is truly humbling to see the quick work God is doing here at Morningside. This is an incredible victory that can be shared by all! The Lord gave me a Word just before the new year, declaring that 2014 would be the Year of Fulfilled Prophecies! Launching this network today is a fulfillment of prophecies that began years ago, coming through various prophets. Wow!

Standing firm alongside Morningside’s Flagship, The Jim Bakker Show, is the Generation NOW Show, the premiere television show for our media training school, Morningside Master’s Media. These two shows will soon be joined by several new shows in development at Morningside, The Kevin Shorey Show, The Zach Drew Show and of course the highly anticipated Spanish Show featuring Mondo De La Vega, all of which will be airing soon on our Roku channel. We will also be adding programs in the coming weeks with Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, and many others.

I am incredibly amazed at what God has done and thrilled to be a part of the Morningside Family, I cannot wait to see what God will do here at Morningside and with the Generation Now Network!

Those of you who have Roku can search for “Generation Now” or even “Jim Bakker” on the Roku store and download the channel. Or you can add our channel from Roku’s website. Our partners and viewers can watch the Morningside 24/7 Live Stream with just the push of a button, including On Demand episodes of The Jim Bakker Show and Generation NOW along with a few fun extras. These will be updated DAILY!

Our partners who once had Sky Angel IPTV now have a fresh alternative and can once again see us, worldwide, no matter where they are!

Again, I’m tremendously excited and I cannot wait to see what God does next. I love you all!

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14 thoughts on “We’re on Roku!!

    • The Jim Bakker Show will not be taped during the dates you are requesting as Pastor Jim & Lori are currently in Israel with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. We will resume taping for The Jim Bakker Show on Dec. 2 with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

  1. Awesome, I just recently purchased a new TV and Roku HDMI streaming stick, can’t wait to tune this channel in.
    I always look forward to your programs around the Christmas season.

    Bright Blessings,
    Amber S.

  2. I have followed Jim Bakker since 1981. I was saved thru his and Tammy’s ministry since 1981. I will never forget the nite I came to Christ thru their ministry. I am so thankful to God for their ministry at that time. God is good. I believe Jim is a current prophet of God. He is blessed of God. He is showing us where we need to be. Be prepared. Believe in God’s word. Thank you Pastor Jim for all you do. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to see Tammy in heaven. I know the Lord has blessed you with Lori. Thank God. But I will always remember Tammy and how awesome she was. Luv you Pastor Jim.

  3. The ROKU device works all over the world, you just need a TV to connect the ROKU, high speed internet connection that is 1 MBPS download speed or more & a wireless router if your internet connection is not near your TV. Hope this helps !

  4. .
    Finally bought my roku and tigerdirect mailed it . ..watched last night ..Loved loved loved the Kevin Shorey Shows !!!! One complaint, His show needs to be ONE full HOUR! It was Fantastic! So different from other programming I love it!

    • We are so glad that you have been enjoying our new programming! We will continue to add new, fresh Christian lifestyle programming to our new network and are excited for this new opportunity to reach the world! You can keep up to date on all of our programming announcements and show schedules at http://www.gennow.tv

    • At this time, we do not have any guests scheduled that week. However, our taping schedule is always subject to change depending on guest availability and world events taking place. When there are not tapings of the Jim Bakker Show scheduled, Tammy Sue will usually host “The No Show Show” and on Sept 12, Kevin Shorey will be taping his brand new show.

      Continue checking our schedule for updates.

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