PTL Shop is Coming in January! Faith Based Shopping just for you!

PTL Shop

By Kami Klein

Beginning Tuesday, January 2nd PTL Shop will be LIVE from 4pm to 8pm Central Monday through Friday for the month of January!  Your hosts will be Tammy Sue, Mondo, Ricky, Lil’ Lori and many more from the Bakker Family, the PTL Band and singers as well as some of our amazing staff.  They can’t wait to show you some outstanding deals, none of which can be found anywhere else!  

PTL shop offers apparel and jewelry, Christian books and media, wonderful products for health and beauty, beautiful and useful products for your home and garden, and some brand new gizmos and gadgets you just have to see!  Now you can join us every Monday through Friday in January to ring in the New Year AND celebrate Pastor Jim’s birthday as well!    

Every day, we will offer great deals with incredible prices, all from the convenience of your home!  Mark your calendars for Tuesday January 2nd at 4pm Central to begin this journey with us on YOUR Faith Based Home shopping network!  Go to and simply push the “Watch Live” button to take you on a truly fun and bargain filled shopping adventure!  You can also tune in with your Roku or Apple TV by going to the PTL Television Network channel and watching the Live Stream. Remember, check us out Monday through Friday beginning January 2nd at 4pm Central to celebrate 2018 the faith based way!!


“Don’t Stop Believing!” Watch Journey’s Jonathan Cain and Paula White-Cain on demand!

Journey's Jonathan Cain on the Jim Bakker show

by Kami Klein

Spirit-led Preacher of the Word as well as spiritual adviser to President Trump for many years, Paula White-Cain, and her husband Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, songwriter and keyboardist for the legendary rock band “Journey”, Jonathan Cain, recently graced the stage of the Jim Bakker Show!  The insight into the White House was eye-opening and the music that Jonathan Cain brought to the audience celebrated God in a whole new way.

Paula White-Cain and Jonathan Cain on the Jim Bakker Show

Paula White-Cain and Jonathan Cain on the Jim Bakker Show

We have had many people who wanted to be sure they didn’t miss a note or inspirational word and now you can watch all three of our shows on demand on the Jim Bakker Show website, the PTL Television Network website, and on Roku or Apple TV.

Paula White Cain’s study on Esther begins our three part series entitled “The Esther Connection”, followed by “The True Story of Donald Trump” with the conclusion entitled “The Esther in You.”.  Follow the links and don’t miss one moment of these amazing teachings of Paula White-Cain and celebration of God through music with the legendary Jonathan Cain.



The Underground has come to PTL Television Network on ROKU!

Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and internationally recognized preacher and teacher brings you The Underground! Joel’s heart is thoroughly missional, with a special love for all the peoples of the Middle East, and passion to see Jesus known throughout the region. Joel travels and teaches on the gospel, living with Biblical Hope and the return of Jesus. His insights into the Muslim and Islamic beliefs and their lives are truly eye opening!  New episodes will be released every Monday.

The PTL Television Network will host Prophets such as Joel Richardson, Tom Horn and many more, as well as Classic PTL episodes, Pastor Jim’s Revelation Teaching and of course our most recent tapings of the Jim Bakker Show!

You can download the channel today on ROKU!

PTL Television Network Restored!

We are so excited to announce that the PTL Network has been restored!  Pastor Jim Bakker has always felt a calling to provide a platform for today’s prophets!

The PTL Network will host Prophets such as Joel Richardson,  Tom Horn and many more, as well as Classic PTL episodes, Pastor Jim’s Revelation Teaching and of course our most recent tapings of the Jim Bakker Show!

You can download the channel today on ROKU!

We’re on Roku!!

I am absolutely amazed and excited to announce that our Roku channel for the Generation Now Network has been officially approved. We are NOW LIVE on Roku!

It is truly humbling to see the quick work God is doing here at Morningside. This is an incredible victory that can be shared by all! The Lord gave me a Word just before the new year, declaring that 2014 would be the Year of Fulfilled Prophecies! Launching this network today is a fulfillment of prophecies that began years ago, coming through various prophets. Wow!

Standing firm alongside Morningside’s Flagship, The Jim Bakker Show, is the Generation NOW Show, the premiere television show for our media training school, Morningside Master’s Media. These two shows will soon be joined by several new shows in development at Morningside, The Kevin Shorey Show, The Zach Drew Show and of course the highly anticipated Spanish Show featuring Mondo De La Vega, all of which will be airing soon on our Roku channel. We will also be adding programs in the coming weeks with Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, and many others.

I am incredibly amazed at what God has done and thrilled to be a part of the Morningside Family, I cannot wait to see what God will do here at Morningside and with the Generation Now Network!

Those of you who have Roku can search for “Generation Now” or even “Jim Bakker” on the Roku store and download the channel. Or you can add our channel from Roku’s website. Our partners and viewers can watch the Morningside 24/7 Live Stream with just the push of a button, including On Demand episodes of The Jim Bakker Show and Generation NOW along with a few fun extras. These will be updated DAILY!

Our partners who once had Sky Angel IPTV now have a fresh alternative and can once again see us, worldwide, no matter where they are!

Again, I’m tremendously excited and I cannot wait to see what God does next. I love you all!

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