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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Prayers asked for any evil plots to overthrow the election will be of no effect.  May God bless any efforts to get the truth out there.
  • Shalonda asks prayers for God to send her a Godly man to marry; someone who will be good to her.
  • Brenda asks prayer for her daughter for God's help, favor and mercy in a legal issue and for help with finances;  Pray for her son for healing from Psoriasis, for finances, for addictions to be removed and for his marriage relationship.  Pray for a closer walk with God and Jesus as Lord & Savior
  • Janna asks prayer for her job to be restored or replaced with a better one; also for financial security.
  • Beth asks for prayers for healing and encouragement for herself and salvation for her daughter.
  • Prayers asked for Cynthia for God's guidance.
  • Pray for a supernatural healing for Sharon for her Spleen.  She is scheduled for surgery on February 4th.
  • Deborah asks prayer for  deliverance from unusual spiritural battles for her family.
  • Pray for Gentile for a financial blessing and favor to help with roof repairs.
  • Pray for Betty M. for healing.
  • Agree in prayer with Monica for a good report from a blood test.  She has finished Chemo.
  • John asks prayer for favor from God on securing a new job quickly in the drilling rig manufacturing section of the oil & gas industry.
  • Alfred asks for prayer for healing from digestive problems and for his need for a reliable vehicle.
  • Jeremiah asks Prayer for a financial blessing for his situation.
  • Ken asks for Prayers for Melissa for guidance and direction from God
  • Jonathan would like prayer for healing and for financial needs.
  • Pray for James to receive financial needs for a Christian ministry.
  • Edna asked for prayers that Pastors and other Christians pray for all evil spirits to be removed from the White House and any evil plots being communicated before the Inauguration.  Pray for a new start making America great again.
  • Vicki asks for prayer for restored health, restored provision and a greater revelation of God
  • Pray for Derrick for a financial breakthrough for his business.

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