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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Sharon needs to sell some property in order to move to another location.  Pray that the property will sell and that the Lord will go before her.  Pray too that her son and daughter-in-law, who are practicing Buddhists will be saved.
  • Ashley wants to get out of debt.  Most of her indebtedness is from student loans, of over $250,000.  Pray that the Lord will give Ashley and her husband wisdom and that they will be able to liquidate these loans.  They are also seeking the Lord regarding ministry.
  • Jean's mother is suffering with liver cancer.  Pray for her healing. The price was paid at Calvary for her healing!
  • Two of Sue's nieces need prayer.  Michelle recently had surgery on her neck.  Angie had colon surgery and it was diagnosed as cancer.  She has begun treatments.  Sandy, her daughter-in-law has been advised to see a heart doctor.  Pray for all of these that they will be touched by the Lord and be healed!
  • Marie's son has been falsely accused.  The accuser came forward and confessed that he had lied because he was mad.  Pray that her son will have favor with everyone in the court room and that he will be released.
  • Barbara is suffering with exhaustion.  Pray that she will be renewed in her spirit, soul and body.  Olive has pneumonia and has blood in her urine.  Pray that they will find the root of the problem and that she will be healed.
  • Pray for Dawn's mother.  She has multiple health problems and needs to be healed.  Pray that the Lord  will heal her heart and arteries.  She has blockage in her carotid artery and is suffering from COPD as well as diabetes and high blood pressure.  She needs a miracle!
  • Pray for Sally.  She is  suffering with arthritis and her heart valves are not in good shape.  Beverly's sister Linda is the caregiver for their Mom and she needs strength and patience and hope.  Pray too that their mother will forgive those whom she feels have wronged her.
  • Larry fell recently on concrete and has bruises, soreness and his face is skinned.  Carol has an open cancer sore on her back.  Pray that both of them will be healed.
  • Larry had a stroke 6 months ago.  Pray that he will be totally healed and restored and will have no side effects from the medication.
  • Kathleen has discovered black mold in her mobile home.  Pray that they will be able to get rid of it.  She is also having fear and anxiety.  Her husband is abusive and does not know the Lord.  Pray for her sister Cindy for restoration.  Pray that the Lord will move in all of these situations.
  • Kenneth was run over by a tractor.  Pray for his total healing and restoration.
  • Lauren has suffered with an eating disorder for 11 years.  She needs deliverance.  Pray that she will be set free.
  • Anne has been trying to close on a house and there have been many delays.  Pray that she will have favor and protection and that the house will close soon.
  • Don has had complications from his eye surgery.  Pray that his sight will be restored and that  his family will have good health.
  • Lori's Grandmother, who was 103 years old recently passed away.  Lori had a close bond with her grandmother.  Their family is feeling the loss as Lori's  Mom, her brother and sister were taking care of the Grandmother.  Pray for them!
  • Gianluca is being oppressed by the enemy.  There are also a number of beverages she is unable to drink without being oppressed.  Saints of God, pray that she will be delivered and able to walk in Liberty in Christ Jesus!
  • Robin needs to sell some property.  They would be able to get out of debt and relieve some of the stress that they are living with.  Their family sustained a terrible tragedy and they have suffered financially as a result of this tragedy.  Pray that they will be able to get back what the enemy has stolen from them!
  • Steven asked for prayer that he would have a deep love and affection for the Jewish people, and that he will be filled with compassion for them.
  • Pray for Lee's son who has suffered terribly since coming home from the war.  He is a combat veteran and he is very tormented in his mind.  He suffers deep depression and has turned to alcohol.  Pray that he will be totally delivered and set free!

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