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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Pray for Melissa for healing in her thyroid gland.  Pray for Gavin to return to the Lord and for his relationship with his family to be restored.  Robyn and her family need a breakthrough in their finances.  Robyn needs healing in her lungs.
  • Rosemarie requests prayer for her mother Evelyn.  Pray that she will have a good report when her tests come back.  Lucy needs healing in her hands and body.  Donna needs to be delivered from pain and cirrhosis of the liver.  Thank you Jesus!  You are the healer!
  • Dianne is feeling desperate, hopeless and the enemy is bombarding her with thoughts of suicide.  Pray that she will be delivered from this!  She is a Christian, but she has become overcome with the curcumstances of life.
  • Please pray for Sean.   She is bound by anger, astrology and needs a mighty deliverance.  She has great difficulty in relating to others due to the enemy controlling her.  She is causing all kinds of grief in her family.  Pray in faith for her deliverance!
  • Tina has been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  She has just begun treatment recently.  Please pray for her and believe for her total healing!
  • Blake is a young man that has begun  running with the wrong crowd and is getting into trouble.  Pray that he will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and that he will begin to fully realize the necessity of turning from the path that he currently is on.  Pray too that there will be healing in his relationship with his step-dad.  He needs Jesus!
  • Lavon's mother is 94 and has been a prayer warrior for her family.  Her memory is failing some.  Pray that her memory will be restored and that her family members will visit her more.  Pray that the family members will begin to relate to each other in love!
  • Wanda's husband has been diagnosed with lesions on his brain.  They are standing in faith for his healing.  Wanda has been diagnosed with Lyme's disease bacteria and several other illnesses.  Pray that they will be healed and come into a place of victory in their  Christian walk.
  • Steven was given, in a dream, a detailed pattern for an invention by the Lord.  The Lord has been opening doors for him to gather information and proceed with the necessary steps he must take to market it etc.  He is lacking the necessary finances to start production.  Pray that the Lord will go before him and that the finances he needs will come in.
  • Dick has recently had new stents put in his heart, but has had complications since then.  Now, fluid is filling up in his chest cavity and he has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  Pray that he will be healed!
  • Bo suffers with anxiety and needs deliverance.  He wants to sell his home and live in an RV due to the economy.
  • Carrie's husband Craig left home recently very angry.  He lost his job 10 months ago which has thrown him into depression.  He does not know the Lord.  They need a miracle in their marriage!  Pray that the Lord will draw Craig by the Holy Spirit and that he would return to his wife.   Pray that he will have an encounter with the Lord!
  • The doctors have not been able to get Tammy's blood pressure under control.  She needs a touch from the Master!  Pray that she will eat the right foods and that a solution will be found to get her on track.  Lord, give the doctors wisdom!
  • Ruthie's son is angry and unable to cope with life.  He was molested as a child and the enemy really got a foothold in his life.  He has used drugs, is not working and has been charged with domestic violence.  He needs to be born again!  Pray that somehow, some way that he will be delivered out of this bondage!
  • Nancy's two daughters have been addicted to drugs.  One of the daughter's husbands was arrested and put in jail recently on some kind of a drug charge.  Pray for those in the family who have walked away from the Lord and have messed up their lives.  Nancy, herself, needs a real breakthrough in her finances so that she can get some needed dental work done.
  • Edna's grandson is in deep trouble with the Law.  He is bound by the enemy!  He has been impersonating officer's etc.  He needs to be delivered!  Pray that he will be apprehended by the Lord!
  • Audrey has been in a spiritual battle since her  Dad passed away.  Her Mom is clinging to her and she is asking us to pray for wisdom and open doors.  Pray that she will be kept by God's grace and will have a right attitude when dealing with her mother.
  • Karen needs to find housing by August 10th.  Pray that she will be able to find a home at the right price.
  • Wanda needs to find an apartment.  She is also fighting Stage 3 kidney disease.  She needs a real overhaul.  Lord, may your Resurrection Life flow through Wanda and heal her spirit, soul and body!  In the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Judy had a knee replacement recently and was doing very well following the surgery.  However, an infection invaded her body and went clear to the bone.  She is battling a very stubborn, resistant infection.  She is facing further surgery if she isn't healed.  Stand with us in faith for her total healing and recovery.  Jesus paid the price at Calvary for her healing!  1Peter 2:24:  "By His stripes we were healed."

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