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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Jen's daughter Renee called to say her father has just been diagnosed with cancer and it has spread into some of his lymph nodes. Pray that he will open his heart to the Lord!  God is not willing that any should perish!
  • Charlene is dealing with pressure and pain in her head. Pray for her healing.  Rich  is suffering with cancer and recovering from hip surgery.  He desperately needs the Lord.  Pray that Rich will come to the Lord and be delivered spirit, soul and body!
  • Kathy has been in extreme pain and needs a miracle!  She is suffering from sacroiliac pain which has moved down to the sciatica causing severe pain in both of her legs.  She is taking pain medication but it had not relieved the pain.
  • Todd is realizing that he does not have a relationship with his wife and children.  Pray for a miracle of restoration in this home!
  • Kayla is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.  Pray that she will come to the end of herself and be willing to get help.  She has made many wrong choices and needs a massive deliverance!
  • Sandra's daughter Candace is bound by the enemy.  Pray for her salvation and that she will begin to make right choices and be set free from alcohol and witchcraft.
  • Pray for Jeanne who does not yet know the Lord.  She has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer.  She had chemo and a stem cell replacement earlier this year and was told that she was cancer free.  However, it has returned in a more severe and rare form.  Pray that she will give her heart to the Lord and be completely healed!
  • Jerry's wife has left home.  Pray that God will deal in both of their hearts and that she will return home and their marriage will be healed.
  • Pray that Harriett will be delivered from anxiety as she learns to yield all to the Lord and His care!
  • Mori recently fell and is suffering with a broken hip.  Pray for her quick recovery as she recuperates and undergoes rehabilitation.
  • Pray that Mary's face will heal well.  She had facial surgery recently and she is very concerned whether it is healing correctly.
  • Marilyn's daughter has a tumor on her hearing nerve in her ear.  She is facing a serious surgery.  Pray that it will be successful!
  • Pray for Shannon, the mother of little Daniel who was the first baby born at Lori's House.  Shannon has faced many obstacles in making an adjustment to living alone and being a mother, as well as working.  Pray that she will persevere and that the Lord will strengthen her as she trusts the Lord with her life.  Pray too that she will make right decisions and that she will have favor in court in all the proceedings to have her children returned to her.
  • Pray for a little 3 year old boy in Alberta, Canada.  He was misdiagnosed by two doctors but the third doctor did more thorough testing and they found that he had Stage 4 bone cancer.  He has tumors from head to toe and a mass on his liver!  Pray that this little guy will have a MIRACLE!  Pray for his total healing and restoration!
  • Gloria has just been diagnosed with Afib.  This has been a terrible shock to her as it has made a change in her life.  She was forced to quit her job and she can barely get around.  She is asking prayer for a total healing!  She has extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, chest and back pain, headaches and anxiety.  Pray in faith with us for her total healing!
  • Leisa's friend's husband has been diagnosed with rare thyroid cancer.  He needs salvation!  Kristen, Leisa's daughter is not speaking to her mother.  Pray that their relationship will be healed!
  • Gail and Jerry's grandson, Anthony who is 21, is in jail after living as an addict for over 2 years.  Pray for his deliverance!  Pray that  their daughter and her husband will find a church where they fit while living in Kimberling City here in Missouri.
  • Pray for little Elijah, who is only 2 1/2 years old.  He is battling pneumonia.
  • Wanda sustained a bad fall.  Her kidneys have stopped functioning and her body is swelling.  She needs a miracle!
  • Pray for James who is now 60 years old and going blind.  He was 26 when he went to prison.  Pray for his salvation!

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