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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Linda is involved in a Recovery Ministry in New Mexico.  Recently they have undergone a serious attack from the enemy.  Please pray that the spirit of Depression will be lifted from their house.
  • Paula is suffering with lung cancer and it has spread to her brain.  She needs a miracle!
  • Dave writes:  "Please pray that my 76 year old brother and my children and grandchildren will come to know the Lord before it is too late!
  • Bobby and her husband are pastors.  They need a financial miracle.  They have been faithful in serving the Lord and in their giving.  This is the hardest they have ever been hit financially.  It has affected not only their ministry, but their home as well.   Pray that they will have the wisdom of the Lord in getting out of this current crisis.
  • Carol has been diagnosed with Lupus and she feels that her husband is abusive to her.  Pray that he will come under conviction and will get his heart right with the Lord. Pray for healing and restoration in their marriage.
  • Delores has been married for 34 years.  Her husband is losing his job, and the finances they have are not enough.  Pray that restoration and healing will come in their home.
  • Please pray for Cathy, who is battling bladder cancer.  We curse this cancer in the Mighty Name of Jesus!
  • Barbara has been witnessing for the Lord to the people who are her clients.  Pray for Olive, who is 89, and now home from the hospital.  One of her legs was amputated above the knee.  Pray that it will heal properly.  Pray for Ed and Renee who both want to quit smoking.  Pray for God's Grace to work in their lives and set them free. Pray that all of these will come to the Lord.
  • Diane is the leader of a ministry.  She is facing some serious health issues and needs a miracle of healing.  Pray that her kidneys and spleen will begin to function properly.
  • Jay's grandfather is dying and his questioning his relationship with the Lord.  Jay had him read Galatians 1 and 3 and John 10:10 and John 3:17.  Pray that the doubt and unbelief will go and that he will have a real encounter with the Lord.  We bind these suicidal thoughts in Jesus' Name.  Jay's Mom is also near death.  Pray that the Lord will undergird Jay by the Holy Spirit and strengthen him and use him at this time prior to their passing.
  • Rosanna's grandchildren are in a bad living situation.  Pray that the Lord will protect the two little boys and that the situation will change.
  • Ben's wife, Debbie had surgery on her right ear recently.  Pray that she will have a quick recovery.
  • Brenda needs a financial miracle!  Through a sad series of events that were no fault of hers she may not get the financing she desperately needs to save her home!  Pray that all will flow together and that she will get the necessary financing.
  • Carol moved recently and in the course of the ordeal of moving strained her back and also suffered a broken toe.  Pray for her soon recovery!
  • John fell down some stairs in his new home and had to have 17 staples to close his head wound.  Pray for a quick recovery!
  • Please pray for the safety of Donald Trump and his family.
  • David is still suffering with COPD.  He needs a miracle!  According to 1Peter 2:24, he is healed by the stripes he suffered at Calvary.  Pray and believe with us for his miracle!
  • Anita, who is a Believer, is running for an office.  Pray for her that she will be a testimony to those whose lives she touches.
  • Sue's brother David is an alcoholic.  He is blind, possessed and unable to care for himself.  Pray for his complete deliverance.
  • Patricia needs prayer for healing for herself and her granddaughter who is only 13 years old and has a problem with her heart. Let's pray in faith for both of them to be healed.  The price was paid at Calvary!

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