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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Connie needs a miracle.  She's been battling cancer for 10 years and it has spread to her lymph nodes and affecting her kidneys.
  • Yolanda has arthritis  in her shoulders.  Her right shoulder is bone on bone and needs new cartilage.  God is able.
  • Rose is asking for healing of her tongue, lips, and jaws so she can eat, swallow, and talk normally again.
  • Maurine is requesting prayer for her friend and his son that were injured in a house fire.  He is suffering with a skull fracture, broken bones, and terrible burns.
  • Mark needs our agreement to believe for doors to open up the music industry in Tennessee as he's new to the state.  He has been disabled due to a car wreck in 2009 and needs total healing.  His neck and his lower lumbar was injured .
  • Martin has suffered ruptured intestine and has been hospitalized for the last 2 months.  Pray that he is healed completely and rapidly.
  • Pray for Tammy to recover speedily from her surgery  She is still in the hospital in Atlanta.
  • Dale is asking for our prayers to receive a fresh anointing and to restore the joy of his salvation.
  • Kris is dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Let's pray for peace of mind for her.
  • Irv is asking us to agree in prayer for his wife's very high blood pressure.
  • Henry has been diagnosed with bone and prostate cancer.
  • Jennifer has been devastated by her son leaving his Christian belief to join a cult.  She is so thankful f0r the ministry here and the Word of the Lord that is going forth.   Join with us in praying that he will return to the Lord and be totally saved.
  • Karen suffers with MS and now has started having terrible back pain and spasms.  She is having excruciating pain and is unable to lie down comfortably without setting off the spasms.  Pray for her to be totally healed!
  • Ejaz is a former Muslim who has given his life to the Lord.  As a result he is now being persecuted in Pakistan where he lives.  There have been threats made against his whole family.  Pray for God's protection on his whole family and that he will continue standing for the Lord.  He needs our prayer!  The prayers of a righteous man availeth much!
  • Recently a student emailed us for prayer.  The student has a 4.0 grade average and is very concerned as one of his teachers has declared that she does not give A's.  The student's GPA will be lowered if this happens and his place in the honor society as well.  Pray that somehow the Holy Spirit will work in this situation.
  • Kayleigh is 9 years old and in the battle for her life.  She has undergone chemo and has lost 20 lbs. as well as all of her hair.  She has been unable to eat as she cannot keep anything down.  Now, she has also lost her eye sight.  She needs a miracle!  Pray for her healing as the Holy Spirit leads you.
  • Darlene is a woman of faith and a teacher of the Word.  In December she had an allergic reaction to chemicals and got an infection on her arms and hands.  About a month later when her arms were clearing she developed a bad Cellulitis infection with severe itching and pain in her lower left leg that has left her on bed rest and limited ability to walk.  Please pray for her full recovery and strengthening to return to active ministry as soon as possible.
  • Pray that Elizabeth will get more customers and that the Lord will bless her business.
  • Karen's Dad has Parkinson's.  She cares deeply for him.  Karen has some tumors.  Pray for her healing, as well.
  • Stephen's mother is suffering with numerous diseases including MS, and cancer.  She needs a miracle.  Pray in faith for her total healing!

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