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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Let's hold up Gary in prayer.  He's very lonely and rejected by everyone.   Prayer against oppression and constant attacks from the enemy.
  • Dianne would like us to pray for finances and good health for her family.
  • Remember, Becky and Rachael and their family, in prayer in the passing of their father/father-in-law.
  • Bill is asking us to remember to pray for the ministry to the Indians of British Columbia.
  • Sharon would like us to pray that she can be released into independent living again.   Pray that the Lord brings friends and mentors across her path.
  • Sam is having bronchial problems.  Pray for his healing.  They also need to sell their house.
  • Pray for Shirley; she's experiencing soreness in her mouth, gums, teeth, and nose area.
  • Kathryn is asking for prayer for her nephew to be able to make payroll for their ambulance service.
  • Charlie needs favor in finding a job.   He put his application in at Walmart and would be a good fit for the job.
  • Janet needs prayer for a chemical imbalance in her physical body.  She also needs deliverance from a spirit of fear.
  • Prayer for John's salvation.  George needs deliverance from drugs.  God is able.
  • Cindy has been down with a deep cough for a week.  She went to the doctor to no avail, so let's ask the Lord to heal her.
  • Gerie has had a hard time eating and swallowing.   Pray that she is able to get healing and some good medical counsel.
  • Pray for Alfred to have long life and good health.  He is presently dealing with intestinal and digestive issues.
  • Marvin is struggling with physical and mental attacks.  His son, Terry, is needing deliverance from spiritual bondage.
  • James needs prayer for financial dealings with his ex-wife to change.
  • JoAnn has an infection in her leg that is going to her brain.   We must take authority, in Jesus name, and stand against this.  God is our Healer!
  • Penny is praying for favor in their housing situation.  She also needs healing in her left knee.  Penny needs the Lord to lead her to a good church.
  • Hazel has pain and discomfort in her torso.  She also has fibromyalgia, MS, and arthritis.
  • Patricia wants us to agree with her  in prayer for peace in her family.  She is praying that they can worship together.

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