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Please add your prayers to ours and stand in faith for the following needs to be met.

  • Edward has been incarcerated as a result of an encounter with witches in his neighborhood.  Pray that God will intervene and that he will have favor in court.
  • Rosa is 31 years old and is on a liquid medical diet of amino acids, proteins, etc.  Pray for her healing as they introduce solid foods to combat this disease attacking her.  They are considering a feeding tube.
  • Havilah's pain medicine has become unavailable, so let's pray for the pain and the cause to subside.
  • Juanita's son is facing foreclosure on their home.  Pray for a solution in this matter.
  • One of our partners is needing deliverance from attacks of the enemy.  Let's hold her up in prayer.
  • Lucy is 88 years old and is experiencing panic attacks which are even disturbing her sleep.  She is desiring a deeper walk with the Lord.
  • Pray for Matthew as he is struggling with emotional problems and a life controlling issues.  Pray for the Lord to meet him where he is.
  • Janet has a number of physical challenges needing prayer.  Pray for healing of Parkinson's, acid reflux, scoliosis, teeth issues, and lack of sleep.
  • Melody is asking for prayer for the healing of their marriage.  She's needing direction from the Lord.
  • Bertha has a lot of swelling in her legs.  Pray for relief.
  • Marsha desires prayer for her marriage to be protected from attack.
  • John needs a healing miracle.  He's in the hospital.
  • Connie needs a miracle.  She's been battling cancer for 10 years and it has spread to her lymph nodes and affecting her kidneys.
  • Yolanda has arthritis  in her shoulders.  Her right shoulder is bone on bone and needs new cartilage.  God is able.
  • Rose is asking for healing of her tongue, lips, and jaws so she can eat, swallow, and talk normally again.
  • Maurine is requesting prayer for her friend and his son that were injured in a house fire.  He is suffering with a skull fracture, broken bones, and terrible burns.
  • Mark needs our agreement to believe for doors to open up the music industry in Tennessee as he's new to the state.  He has been disabled due to a car wreck in 2009 and needs total healing.  His neck and his lower lumbar was injured .
  • Martin has suffered ruptured intestine and has been hospitalized for the last 2 months.  Pray that he is healed completely and rapidly.
  • Pray for Tammy to recover speedily from her surgery  She is still in the hospital in Atlanta.
  • Dale is asking for our prayers to receive a fresh anointing and to restore the joy of his salvation.

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