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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • As a teenager, David gave his heart to the Lord.  He became a pastor but somewhere along the way he lost his heart for God.  And, because of that he fell into sin as he tried to satisfy the emptiness in his soul.  Fortunately, through it all, his wife stood faithfully by him.  He was miserable for 15 years.  But, praise the Lord, he has returned to his first love and is now getting his life in order and has found that he now cares about others whereas he had lost that.  He is so thankful for Pastor Jim's testimony, which has ministered greatly to him.
  • Jean writes:  "First of all I want to say that I watch your show on a regular basis.  You and your guests are such a blessing!  In our area and within our extended family there is a great aggressive movement of liberal and anti Christian rhetoric.  Please pray for me as I am consider, by 2017, moving to the Ozarks and God willing, purchasing one of your Condos.  Please pray for us and our protection.  God bless you for your ministry in truth!"
  • John is very grateful for our prayers.  He writes:  "I want to thank everyone who has prayed on behalf of me, for our financial situation.  Yesterday, we heard amazing news and finally someone has decided to partner with us on one of our key projects, allowing us a chance to pay a lot of our financial obligations."
  • Praise the Lord!  Bev, who had aneurysm surgery recently is now home and doing well.
  • Claudio wants everyone on the prayer team to know how much he appreciates our being available 24/7.  It means so very much!  He would also be grateful for your prayers for his mother who has been sick for a week.  Her legs and arms have been swelling.
  • Sharon found what she needed in her dumpster.  It is in her house today.  She is very happy!  She said that since she has been giving to this ministry all kinds of good things are happening.  Hallelujah, we can't out give God!
  • Kenny had been to the doctor and they found two lumps in his throat.  He called for prayer.  At the last visit they were able to find only one lump.  We are believing for his complete healing!  Healing is in the Atonement.  "By His stripes we are healed."  1Peter 2:24.
  • Judy prayed for her son to not run away from Hawaii when facing difficulty. Judy is so thankful that her son had a change of heart and he reconciled with his mother!
  • Here is a Praise report for Silver Gel.  Carolyn had a razor burn that had refused to heal for 4-5 months.  She started using the Gel and the burn began to heal and the skin is returning to normal.  She is very thankful for the great products that are made available through the show and that a forum is available to the World to hear from the voices of the End Time Prophets.
  • Anna is praising the Lord!  She is healed!  Her hearing has been restored.
  • Patti has had her home for sale for several years.  She is rejoicing!  Last week one of the residents here was able to make a sizeable down payment and is buying Patti's home!  This is a real answer to prayer!
  • Praise the Lord!  Clark is back from the hospital and doing much better!
  • We are rejoicing that Bertha is happy where she is currently staying and receiving care.  She hopes to soon be in her own apartment.
  • Sherry called in recently for prayer as she was having severe pain in her back and her organs.  When she awoke the next morning she was pain free!  Hallelujah!
  • Randy called with a praise report.  He was able to get a new credit card.  He was grateful for that and also thankful for the favor he has had with his lawyer.  Pray that he will get the needed compensation for his disability.
  • Susan has read most of Jim and Lori's books and was so inspired by Lori's first book.  She was blessed by Lori's testimony.  She writes:  "I hope and pray the good Lord's strength will find you both happy and well and that your ministry blessed and that it endures and prospers!"
  • We have a wonderful praise report.  Juan is healing from his recent motorcycle accident.  The internal bleeding has stopped and he was released from ICU after 5 days and sent home.  God is so good!
  • LeeAnn is praising the Lord that her son Brad that was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma is now cancer free.  Her daughter Kim had breast cancer and is also now cancer free!
  • We are rejoicing with Freddie Alan and his family.  As you know, Freddie has been diagnosed with leukemia.  In his last bone marrow test, 52 percent of his bone marrow cells were cancer cells.  Today there is only 1 percent cancer present in the cells.  That means he won't have to take one of the stronger chemo meds.  Saints, keep praying for his total recovery and complete healing from cancer.
  • Shirley is praising the Lord that her air conditioner is working much better.

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