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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Pamela watched the Bakker broadcast and has recommitted her life to the Lord!
  • Kathryn gave us a Praise report about her neighbor who lost control of his vehicle and was able to stop before it hit her house.  No one was hurt.
  • Giving God praise & glory as Naomi gave her heart to the Lord on 1/9/2017!
  • Susan is Thanking all for the blessings of prayers.  She was healed and able to travel.  Even ministered to some Asian students sharing time with them.
  • Prayers may have been answered for Nicole as she and husband have conceived.  Awaiting confirmation.  Pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Giving praise to the Lord.
  • Jim wants us to know that he was feeling somewhat discouraged and down the day he was watching Pastor Jim's Birthday Show.  He was so blessed as he watched Howard and Vestal Goodman sing.  He was also encouraged by seeing the whole family including all the adopted daughters, and Tammy Sue and Sasha.  His spirits were lifted and he was so grateful!  He loves the show and is a faithful viewer.
  • Bertha is so thankful for the Prayer Center here at Morningside and especially wants to thank Pastor Clete and wish him a Happy New Year.  Please continue to pray for Bertha as she has been suffering with pain in her legs and has great difficulty walking.
  • Janice wants to express her thanks for the Christmas box from the Ministry.  She was really in a desperate situation and loved everything that was sent!
  • Gislaine prayed for a home and the Lord gave it to her.  Then, the enemy took it back.  She called for prayer, and she is now back in the home. Praise the Lord!
  • In answer to prayer the Lord has provided Steve and his family with an awesome house in a quiet little town.  It is reasonably priced and move in ready.  They are very grateful for all the prayer!
  • Patricia is so grateful for all the prayer that she requested prior to her surgery.  The surgery went well and the homecare R.N. who came in everyday to change the dressing and clean the wound said that he had never seen this surgery done so well.  She had 11 sutures on her lower spine.  Praise the Lord!
  • Jim was very blessed through the Christmas program and he loves to hear Pastor Jim tell how God prepared him in prison for the ministry he has today.  It really ministered to him and he was able to relate to what he himself is going through presently.
  • Margaret had a battle with cancer, but praise  the Lord, she recently got the results from the Lab and there is no sign of cancer!  She had lost her husband about 5 months ago and has been through a lot, so this news was a real blessing to her.
  • Praise the Lord!  Leo has had citizenship granted to him and he has also been healed of cancer!
  • Daniel's daughter Molly received a promotion on her job plus a $400.00 per month pay increase.  What a blessing and testimony of God's goodness!
  • Shari is praising the Lord for her healing!   She had been suffering for several days with very severe pain in her shoulder.  She suspected that it was a rotator cuff issue.  She had no range of motion.  She had an adjustment, but the next day the pain increased.  She had prayer in the prayer room and had others who had faith to believe God for her healing to pray with her.  Well,  we serve a healing Jesus and the following day she awoke with no pain whatsoever and with full range of motion!  Praise the Lord!
  • Praise the Lord James had applied for a job at the factory  and he was hired!  This is a real blessing as he had been having mostly temporary employment.  This is a real answer to prayer!
  • Barbara has a caregiving business and has a genuine love for all of her clients.  She has led many of them to the Lord!  Well, this year she has been blessed with monetary gifts from her clients. What she sowed she is now reaping!  Praise the Lord!  
  • Roseanne called for prayer about six months ago.  She called recently to report that she got the job and is now working as an attorney.
  • Glen shared a praise report!  He was told by doctors 34 years ago that he would be dead in 3 years.  But God.....  The Lord came into his life at 23 years of age and he says, "I am still doing the Holy Ghost hop for Jesus!  I have let him down but he has never let me down!"  He goes on to say, "Love your show Jim and Lori!  Keep up the great work for the Lord  and be encouraged!"

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