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Always give God the glory and praise for your answered prayers. Let’s brag on Jesus. It is because of His love and great sacrifice that we can approach the throne of God with our petitions. (Psalm 23:6)

Thank you, Lord, for all these praise reports!

You are such a good God!

  • Chris and Jennifer have a foster child who is now home after five weeks in the hospital detoxing from heroin and crack cocaine.  They are rejoicing and are so thankful that there does not seem to be any residual effects from the drugs.  He is doing very well!  Praise the Lord!
  • Gianni has been blessed!  She sowed into a lady's life by befriending her and she in turn was given some some very nice clothes by the lady's daughter.  When you sow, you will reap!
  • Rose had to stop ordering the budget food order because her husband lost his job.  But, Praise the Lord, things have changed and she is now back on track with the order.  She is so thankful!
  • Susan called for prayer a few months ago.  She was unable to walk.  She had called 12 prayer lines and that great power of agreement brought victory.  The Lord healed her nerve endings and she was healed instantly.  She is walking today!  Praise the Lord!
  • Margaret prayed and asked the Lord to turn her life around.  She prayed with Lesa to receive the Lord.  Pray that she will begin to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Fred, a friend of Sharon, called a few days ago and asked us to pray for Sharon, who was applying for work and had an interview on Tuesday, August 9th.  We are so happy to report that Sharon surely had God's favor when she went to the interview.  She was well received and was hired!  We are rejoicing with her and Fred!
  • Rosemary reports that the products we offer are really helping her husband's health.  She is able to use the vegetable powders in his protein shake and Beef Stew.  She is thankful as he won't eat salad or most vegetables.
  • Veronica recently wrote the Prayer Team to thank us for praying for her.  She is recovering from a stroke and brain surgery.  She is standing in faith upon the Word of God for her total healing.  Continue to pray in agreement with her that any remaining symptoms will go in Jesus' Name!
  • We are rejoicing with Susie.  We have been praying with her about getting a job and today she was hired at Walmart to work in the Deli.  Praise the Lord!
  • Barbara called to share a great testimony.  She had been witnessing to a lady and her husband, who were clients of hers.  At first they showed no interest in the Lord and had stated that they were atheists.  However, Rose was very sick with cancer.  She began to open her heart and prior to her death Barbara was able to lead her to the Lord!  Then, Bob, started reading The Daily Bread and also began singing Christian songs.  Not sure he has accepted the Lord yet, but the Holy Spirit is at work in his heart.
  • Don called the prayer room to share that he has been so grateful for the prayers.  His wife Holly was in a coma and on life support.  She was not expected to come out of the coma, but Praise the Lord, she is now out of the coma and we are believing the Lord for her full recovery!
  • Victoria called to report that Diane, who is head of the ministry she is involved with, was resurrected from near death.  The enemy has really attacked her severely recently.  Praise the Lord for His healing virtue!
  • Rosemary has been plagued with arthritis and suffered with pain for a long time. She has had excellent results using the Joint pain supplements.  She is thrilled!
  • Gary writes:  "Glory and honor be to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  The Lord has healed me of cancer.  The doctor has given me a clean bill of health.  Many thanks to all that prayed for my healing!"
  • Lee recently shared with us the tremendous healing she had in her shoulder.  She had undergone therapy and various treatments for her shoulder and still was suffering greatly.  The Lord spoke to her and she stood in faith for her healing.  And, one day, she suddenly realized that the pain was gone and she could move her arm without the pain that she had endured.  Praise the Lord! This was a true healing miracle!
  • David and Vicki have had some setbacks in waiting for their new home to be finished.  Praise the Lord, things have started to move along, and it is with great expectation they are hoping to move into their new home soon!
  • We are praising the Lord that Mark is doing better in his recovery from a serious illness.
  • Sherry called in her Praise report.  They needed money for the mortgage and they got it.  They needed extra money for bills to be paid and they got it!  Prayer works--Praise God!
  • Diane was delivered from 26 years of kidney problems on the 4th of July.  She had a creative miracle!  Praise the Lord!
  • Ken is rejoicing.  After job hunting for 10 months, he got a job!  Praise the Lord!

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