Russian Crimea port targeted in massive blitz


Important Takeaways:

  • FIRE AND FURY Putin sub and warship blasted by ‘Storm Shadow missiles & kamikaze drone boats’ in massive Crimea port blitz
  • UKRAINE unleashed a barrage of ten cruise missiles along with kamikaze drones in a massive assault on Russia’s powerful Black Sea Fleet.
  • Vladimir Putin’s forces were rocked as a submarine and an assault ship were blasted during the onslaught on the Crimean port of Sevastopol.
  • British-made Storm Shadow missiles and explosive-packed drone boats are believed to have been used in the biggest attack of its kind on the fleet – marking the first time such weapons have been used in Crimea.
  • Shocking footage showed huge plumes of smoke and flames seen for miles around rising from the blitzed base.
  • It is the latest blow to embattled Putin’s war effort – and was a major embarrassment for Vlad as he sat down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un some 5,500 miles away.

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