DOJ interfering in Devon Archer testimony; Republicans call for Emergency Hearing

Important Takeaways:

  • Republicans urge colleagues to get back to D.C. for an emergency hearing on Department of Justice ‘interfering’ with testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer
  • At least five House Republicans are urging their colleagues to come back to Washington, D.C., to hold an emergency hearing following allegations the Department of Justice ‘interfered’ with Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer’s testimony.
  • The Department of Justice sent an ‘odd’ letter over the weekend on July 29 to a New York judge calling for Archer’s sentencing for an unrelated fraud conviction to be expedited just days before his highly anticipated testimony. Hours later, DOJ issued a new letter attempting to clarify they never intended to see Archer locked up before he testifies behind closed doors Monday on the Biden’s business schemes.
  • Archer, a friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, is expected to give his bombshell account of the Biden family business dealings for four to five hours behind closed doors, and finally unmask Joe as the ‘Big Guy.’
  • Republicans say the last-minute move by DOJ was an attempt to ‘intimidate’ Archer, who they view as being central to providing information that is critical to their ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.
  • Now, at least five GOP lawmakers are pushing for an ’emergency’ hearing on DOJ’s conduct.

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