Let the Fireworks begin! Morningside’s Fourth of July celebration begins tonight with Bishop Ron Webb Live stream worship!

Meet and Greet at the Restoration Celebration, July 4th, 2016. Jim and Lori Bakker, Bishop Ron Webb

By Kami Klein

Morningside is excited to Celebrate our Nation’s birthday and the special events begin in full swing on Tuesday night, beginning at 7 pm Central as our special guest Bishop Ron Webb shares a special message celebrating God’s blessing for this nation during our evening worship!  

Tomorrow night, Wednesday July 4th at 7 pm Central, join us again for another live event when Cindy and Mike Jacobs share a special Independence Day worship service on Grace Street.  Join us by tuning in to our Jim Bakker Show website or the PTL Television Network website.

We would love for you to be at Morningside for our annual Fourth of July activities but if you can’t be here,  this is a wonderful way to join us in worship together and share the incredible ministry of both Bishop Ron Webb and Cindy and Mike Jacobs!  

Let us praise God for his anointing upon this country!  We will be praying with you for the leadership of the United States and for the Lord’s wisdom upon them for the many difficult decisions that lie ahead.

Please never forget how important you are to all of us here at Morningside and remember…

God loves you… He really does!  Have an incredible 4th of July!


Pastor John Shorey Preaches His Heart

On Monday evening, as millions in the Jewish faith celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and the end of the 7th Shemitah year, Pastor John Shorey was delivering his own message of what he felt was coming in our near future according to scripture. Shorey, our prophet from the desert, spoke to the audience at Morningside’s 2015 Prophetic Conference stressing the importance of seeking the truth of the Bible and of the events that are converging at this time in history.

“As you listen to my words tonight, please hear my heart!” he began.

“I am ‘all in’ that something big is gonna happen. I don’t know anything for sure but I believe in the next four months we are going to see some really amazing things happening all over! I have been accused of being a doom and gloom preacher. But really I am not. I am preaching the blessed hope! The blessed hope is that Jesus is coming! But we are going to have to go through some messy stuff before he arrives!”

Pastor Shorey reminded us that Christians have a big hesitancy to let go of what we have in this life. We will behave like Lot’s wife and look back instead of looking forward and up towards God. He stressed how important it is for our churches to begin studying and looking for the truth that is found in His Word.

He admitted that because of the preaching of the pre-tribulation message, when things get really bad, those that believed they would be taken away by rapture will be disappointed by the timing. This disappointment will cause a great falling away in the church. Pastor Shorey wants to see leaders in the church truly teaching their sheep and preparing them; ready and willing to protect them as God has called them to do.

“The Bible says we are pilgrims passing through and our home is in heaven. We have a job to do around here. We’ve got to get focused on what we are here for. In order to get to heaven we have got to have Jesus on our side!”

John Shorey has inspired thousands with his book, “The Window of the Lord’s Return.” His now updated version also includes a detailed and helpful list on what you need to be prepared spiritually as well as physically.

Joel Richardson Shares Message of Hope in Evening Service

Those who attended the special service Tuesday evening, June 30th were given a message of hope from bestselling author and internationally recognized teacher on the middle east, muslims and the islamic culture, Joel Richardson.

“ “The day is coming…after the storms…we’ll be raised up…and we will see Him…and embrace Him!  That is reality. We will see Jesus with our own eyes, sitting on the throne in Jerusalem.  It will be as real as we are right NOW. ”  Richardson went on to say  “Let us encourage each other in these days.  If our hope is fixed on saving our country we will miss saving the world.  We have to encourage one another!”

Mr. Richardson spoke of a great revival in Egypt and of how the Lord is working in both Iran and Iraq.  Mosques are emptying and thousands are coming to Christ.   “My heart is encouraged that people are waking up across the earth.  My hope is the encouragement tonight will be at the foundation of everything we do.  As we approach the days to come, we remember to prepare out of faith and not out of fear.  We have confidence in our God and we have confidence of what IS coming!”