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The Middle East and Biblical Prophecy: Watch “The Underground” on the PTL Television Network

Joel Richardson - the Underground on PTL Television Network

By Kami Klein

Every single day world news focuses on the deadly and biblical chess match going on within the Middle East.  Pit against each other and against Israel a complicated whirlwind of hate, violence and the constant threat of war looms over the entire world.  

There are those that have a much deeper understanding of the religious and historical battles going on in the Muslim nations but for many, it is so difficult to comprehend the question,  ‘Who is the enemy?’ Right now with tensions rising, talks of Middle East peace proposals, Iran’s nuclear possibilities and the ever-expanding attacks by terrorist groups, having a biblical and current point of view is vital.  

In our incredible line up of Christian programming, the PTL Television Network offers “The Underground”, hosted by Middle East expert and prophetic author and teacher, Joel Richardson. “The Underground” explores the testimony of  Biblical prophets, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, current events and how all of these things relate to you and me.

With a special love for all the peoples of the Middle East, Joel travels globally, preparing the Church for the great challenges of our time, teaching on the gospel, living with biblical hope, the return of Jesus. He is the author, editor, director, or producer of several books and documentaries, Richardson’s book Islamic Antichrist is a New York Times bestseller.  

In a recent broadcast entitled “The prophetic implication of President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan”, Richardson speaks on the history of agreements that Israel has entered into within biblical history and the dangers involved now.  His explanation and Bible-based teachings bring a better understanding of what is at stake not only for the Middle East but for the world.

We encourage you to tune into the PTL Television Network for Joel Richardson’s “The Underground” and get a better understanding from an amazing expert on the historical and prophetic events happening in the Middle East.  

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Watch Now PTL TV network

By Kami Klein

PTL Television Network is growing fast with incredible prophetic, life lifting programs that are perfect for you and your family! Our latest addition features Pastor Ron & Yolanda Pratt who are in their 4th decade of ministering to young people. As Alaska Missionaries they face challenges that are unique in the wilderness.

Each episode of Alaska Missionaries will take the viewers on a journey through an entire summer camp schedule. From the early summer preparations at the Pratt’s home base in North Pole, Alaska to their return in late summer, these episodes will take you on a trek driving through back roads, navigating rivers and the challenges found off the grid. With breathtaking scenery, adventurous landscapes and down to earth personalities, this Alaskan show just might become your family favorite!

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Christian Television with a prophetic underline!  There is incredible teaching, hope, and guidance, found on the PTL Television Network.  Here is the rest of the lineup of amazing programs offered.

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The Underground with Joel Richardson

Join host, Joel Richardson, on the front lines of Christianity as he reveals a raw glimpse of what God is doing among the nations. The Underground will not only bring the news to you but will be a source of strength and stability in the midst of a world gone mad; helping followers of Christ to better grapple and respond to all that is unfolding.

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The Jim Bakker Show ON DEMAND

Bu Kami Klein

The range of guests on The Jim Bakker Show is impressive. Amazing prophets, teachers, Christian entertainers and authors like Perry Stone, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Paula White, Dr. Lance Wallnau, Kevin and Sam Sorbo and Rick Joyner are among the many incredible guests that have have been welcomed on the show by Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker. We hope you have been able to catch these remarkable programs as they aired but did you know you can watch them any time you wish?  

The Jim Bakker Show is part of  the PTL Television Network, available on Roku, Apple TV and on the website!  You can also watch any past or recently aired episode from your phone or at home on the Jim Bakker Show website with Video on Demand!   

We invite you to experience all that PTL has to offer On Demand through the PTL Television Network!  Check out the amazing Christian programming that includes previous special events at Morningside, current Jim Bakker shows , Classic Jim Bakker Shows as well as some inspirational worship! Our other outstanding programs are from some of Morningside’s favorite prophets such as Rick Joyner, Joel Richardson, Tom Horn, Dr. Irvin Baxter, Josh Peck, Pastor Frank Amedia, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Pastor Ramiro Peña and Bishop Ron Webb. Great New shows will be coming soon! Watch anytime, anywhere!  


Watch this clip from a recent show featuring Perry Stone speaking about the importance of prophecy on The Jim Bakker Show to get a glimpse of what is waiting for you to experience!  



You will never have to miss an episode again!  Join us on the PTL television network on Roku or Apple TV or watch any video on demand on The Jim Bakker Show or PTL television network website!  Christian Television On Demand!

What is happening in Turkey? Joel Richardson returning to Morningside!

By Kami Klein

With all that is happening in Turkey and the Middle East today, it is difficult to stay on top of the players and how these countries’ actions are fitting within the prophecies of the Bible.  That is why we are thrilled to have Joel Richardson returning here Monday, July 25th and the 26th at 7:00pm for The Prophets Speak program as well as taping of The Jim Bakker Show Tuesday, July 26th beginning at noon!  

We trust Joel Richardson and his well researched, hands-on knowledge of the Middle East and the beliefs of its people. For the last couple of years, Joel has opened our eyes and gave us an understanding of the Bible and these end days with a clarity few can offer.  He taught us a very important lesson. In order to understand events happening today to Muslims, Islamic governments and Radical Islam, you must first take a glimpse into their world.

Film-maker and internationally recognized teacher, Joel Richardson, is also the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist”.  His amazing teaching on the people of the Middle East and his passion to see Jesus known throughout the region will surely inspire you. Joel travels and teaches on the Gospel, living with Biblical hope and the return of Jesus Christ.

The Prophets Speak will begin at 7:00pm and will be available on our live stream.  The Jim Bakker Show will begin taping at noon. This taping will not be live streamed but you will be able to see it on Roku, Apple TV, and on the Video on Demand section of our website on the same day it airs on television. If you are in the area we hope you can become a member of our studio audience! Admission is always free to the public!

What will happen next in Turkey?  We believe our next best clue will come from Joel Richardson!

Joel Richardson – What is happening in Turkey?

Joel Richardson, author of The Islamic Antichrist and authority on the Middle East

Joel Richardson, author of The Islamic Antichrist is who we turn to here at Morningside when trying to understand the vast and complicated world of the Middle East.  As the dust settled in Turkey, we were attempting to understand what was happening.  We waited for Joel to comment knowing that he had foreseen what was coming long ago.  Today, we were not disappointed.

In his response, called ” The Second Fall of Constantinople”  Joel began,

“Whether we are speaking of the role of the nations in last days biblical prophecy, or merely analyzing current Middle East geopolitics from a secular perspective, understanding what is presently unfolding in Turkey is absolutely critical.”

If you are paying attention to news reports, Erdogan’s response is surprising to some and  exactly what was expected by others.  This article explains the history and dynamics of the government found inside of Turkey, and the insurgence of Islam into every nook and cranny.  This article explains the United States and their roles in what now could be one of the most dangerous Islamic nation known.

Don’t forget to catch Joel Richardson on the PTL Television Network to watch “The Underground.”    

Joel Richardson has been pointing to the signs in Turkey for years.  We highly recommend hearing his commentary.


Joel Richardson: Watch Middle East, prepare for meltdown

In his best-selling book “Mideast Beast,” author and filmmaker Joel Richardson uses scriptures to back his argument that the antichrist is a Muslim who will emerge from the Middle East.

Needless to say, he views the region as a pretty important area for end-time prophecies.

Richardson recently visited Morningside to speak at the 2016 Prophetic Conference, and took some time to speak candidly with The Jim Bakker Show news team about the current situation in the Middle East, how it pertains to the Bible and what he’s watching for in the days ahead.

He also gave Christians some advice about how to prepare for the events he believes are coming, and how much time the world may have. The second part of his exclusive Q&A appears below.

Q: What do you see now in Syria and the Middle East as a whole? Because it’s not just Syria. There’s a conflict in Yemen. There’s Iran testing missiles. But in Syria especially, Russia just announced they would be pulling forces out of there. Do the Russians have an agenda, and how can that situation evolve in the coming days?

A: The last message I did when I was here was on Daniel 8, and I’m convinced that there is this merging Sunni-Shia war that’s going to happen that will, in all likelihood, be an Iranian invasion of Iraq and Syria. A full-blown military invasion, maybe with Russia helping, and that the chaos of the Middle East has only just begun. The scriptures are clear, there’s going to be a series of major regional wars, and then eventually it seems there’s this Western, perhaps a Turkish response. And then the question is ‘Is this going to be World War III? Are the United States and NATO going to get pulled in?’ We’re contractually, through treaty, obligated to Turkey.

So the main conflict right now, ultimately the two alpha dogs are Turkey and Iran. And in a larger sense, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, they’re all sort of siding — but they don’t like Turkey. So this kind of crazy, chaotic chessboard of the Middle East — I think that we’re going to see several years of some major, unfolding regional wars, which is only going to cause the refugee stuff to majorly explode and multiply 100 times. It’s just going to get really, really messy.

Q: So how do Americans, and not just Americans but Christians as a whole, react and prepare for what may be coming? Is it just being strong in our faith and sticking to the Gospel, or is there anything more that we can do?

A: We have to come to terms with the fact that the United States has been washed with this incredibly one-sided message, this prosperity Gospel. And the only way that we can make it through the days ahead without going nuts, whether it’s the United States, whether it’s the whole world, is to come to terms with the fact that it’s going to melt down.

Basically, what that means is we die. We embrace the cross and die. To all these dreams and demands of ‘Make America Great Again,’ ‘Fix the World’ — we have to come to terms with the fact that yeah, there will be ebbs and flows and stuff like that, but the bottom line is these things must happen. The chaos, the breakdown, the destruction of things that we love — including our own lives.

Once we fully fix our hope in the age to come, then when the world melts down around us, we have an anchor of hope — firm and secure — but it’s in the age to come. If our hope is fixed in this age, making America great again or whatever it might be, we’re going to be incredibly filled with rage. Because it’s not going to work out.

I’m not saying there’s not going to be a little upswing. I don’t know. I don’t see all of the valleys between here and there. But I know that before He returns, it takes a massive nosedive. And even those that believe all these things, we still somehow think we can avoid it. And really, it’s an issue of embracing the cross and dying to this world.

Once you die to this world, then when the world collapses, you’re like ‘I’ve already let it go.’ That’s a really hard thing to do. You have kids and things. I love my country and I’m a patriot, but ultimately — even this election cycle — once we come to terms with the fact that no (candidate) is coming to save us, then the term the blessed hope has much more substance. It has a lot more meaning.

Q: What you’re saying is not an easy thing to get people to do.

A: No. Selling a book, ‘Your Dead Life Now,’ that doesn’t really sell big. ‘Embrace the Cross and Die’ — ‘Ooh, I need to get that one!’ My next film though, that’s coming out in a few weeks, and this is the culmination of this project, it ends with a call to embrace the theology of martyrdom. And being willing to say yes.

Q: And taking a stand for Christ?

A: Look, ISIS has recruited 30,000 kids from all over the world. Most of them burnt their passports, left everything behind. They’re not preaching a secret, friendly message. We’re doing everything we can to make church more fun. … We’re doing everything we can to try to recruit the youth and we’re losing them. As a nation, by and large, I think it’s something crazy now like three out of every four kids that grow up in church move on. They’ve recruited 30,000. We have not recruited 1 percent of what they’ve recruited as missionaries to go to the Middle East. We need to, I think, get back to preaching the Gospel of the early church, which is lay down your life and die. I think the youth will actually resonate with that if they see people actually doing it. And going ‘Oh, so authentic Christianity? Yeah, let’s give it a try. Because nothing else is working.’

Q: The last time you were here, you were talking about the antichrist. You’ve got books about that too. I was wondering if you could get into that a little bit more, but what I really want to get into is the Bible gives us a timeline. All these seals that break and trumpets that sound. Where are we on that Biblical timeline today?

A: Not yet. We’re not in the seven years yet. I think there are a few things that need to unfold before that. … We’re not in the final seven years yet. The first 3-½ years are marked by seeming relative period of somewhat stability — there’s the birth pains, and then it’s in the middle where the contractions start. And that’s when persecution breaks out globally. Antichrist. There’s a profound spiritual event that happens when Satan is cast out of Heaven down to Earth. That happens at the midpoint. A lot of people think Satan has already been cast out of heaven. He has access in heaven. He is the one who accuses us before the throne day and night. That doesn’t stop until the midpoint of the final seven years.

Here’s the thing: In terms of timing, I don’t have clarity exactly on the timing, but there are multiple timing indicators that say within the next 20 years or so, that we’re running out of time. We have arguably 50 years of oil left. People say, ‘Well, maybe we’ll find more reserves.’ But we can’t access it easily. It ends up becoming more cost-prohibitive. So it’s there, but can we get it?

Everything that exists, look out. Every car tire is eight gallons of oil to make. Every motor, every part in that car takes copious amounts of oil. Everything. Every piece of plastic. All of the food, to grow these potatoes, oil moving these massive machines. Everything. The fertilizer that we use on almost everything is petroleum-based. The amount of petroleum that we’re using is just skyrocketing. The conservatives would say ‘Oh, we’re just going to come up with something new by then because we’re innovators and that’s what Capitalism does.’ Well, nobody really knows what that’s going to be yet. So we’re banking on the fact that humanity can exist beyond this.

There are a lot of brick walls that are just down the road. … There are multiple trends merging at the same time that say it could be very, very soon — within the next several years — but I really don’t see it going past 25 years, and that’s before we are in the seven years and he’s on the ground. We’re definitely coming up to the culmination. Even if you just throw the Bible out the door and just analyze it from a pure environmental (standpoint), any number of things.

Q: What do we need to be looking for? You’re suggesting, possibly, that there’s more time than maybe some other people might think. But no one really knows.

A: To me, the main sign that I’m looking at right now, the passage that I’m looking at is Daniel 8. And that would be an Iranian invasion of the Middle East. I’m considering that as the next major event. Then, if there’s a major Western response, then that really is the countdown. Because if that begins to unfold, as the prophecy goes, you have the two-horned ram followed by the single-horned goat, the prominent horn on the goat is broken off, this thing is broken up into four and out comes the antichrist. That’s the pattern.

And Gabriel says three times to Daniel, he says ‘Listen Daniel, the vision concerns the time of the end.’ … He states it three times, very clearly. So here is, in a sense, the signpost, the roadmap to the rise of the antichrist. But Biblically, the next major event is the confirmation or the strengthening of the covenant for seven years. Some people will try to remove that and say ‘Oh, that’s all based on one verse in Daniel’ — No, there clearly is a seven-year period. There’s a seven-year agreement, a covenant, a treaty of some kind — and then it’s 3-½ years into that.

I’m pre-wrath, so I would say then in that three-year period, somewhere in there, is the return of Christ. We don’t know exactly when it is. That’s the rapture. But the return of Christ is a complex event. He doesn’t just come back and snap his fingers and whoosh, everything is new. He actually comes back and conquers.


In the first part of this Q&A, Richardson spoke about the global refugee crisis, his ministry work overseas and the responsibility he feels Christians have to minister the Gospel during this time.

Richardson’s Prophetic Conference evening service centered on Biblical prophecies concerning Israel in the last days. If you missed it, you can watch it on the 2016 Prophetic Conference DVD Set that also contains messages from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Michael Snyder and Hubie Synn.

Joel Richardson: Christians have a duty during global refugee crisis

Last December, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimated there were likely far more than 60 million displaced people living in the world. That record total included 20.2 million refugees, many of whom had fled violent conflicts and persecution in the Middle East.

The resulting crisis has become not just a humanitarian issue, but a political one as well. Countries, particularly in Europe, have been forced to decide how to handle the massive number of people looking to resettle within their borders, and any potential solution is often criticized.

Best-selling author and filmmaker Joel Richardson does not deny the situation is complex, or politically divisive, but he believes there are certain aspects of the crisis that should not be up for debate. Namely, he said Christians currently have “an endless opportunity to share the Gospel” with thousands of people searching for God — and they must capitalize on that opportunity.

“Whether we like the refugee crisis or not, it’s a crisis,” Richardson said. “The point is: Even if we’re opposed to it politically, that doesn’t excuse us from sharing the Gospel with them.”

Richardson visited Morningside this week to speak at the 2016 Prophetic Conference. Before giving his sermon, he sat down with The Jim Bakker Show news team to discuss his ministry work in the Middle East and Europe, the role of Christians in the refugee crisis and faith in the end times.

The first part of his Q&A appears below.

Q: Have you been to the Middle East recently, taken any trips over there? Or, do you have friends over there? What kind of things are you seeing on the ground?

A: The last time I was in Iraq was a year ago in Iraqi Kurdistan. I’ll be going back this year, but I’ve got very close friends and a few different ministries that we work with. One is called Frontier Alliance International, the other one is called The Refuge Project. They’re both up there in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, working with the refugees. I also have friends in the Balkans.

Q: Can you talk about that last ministry,, and its work in the Balkans?

A: You have as many as 10,000 migrants and refugees flowing through a day. They are doing the ministry of charging their cell phones and then asking them if they would like a free micro SD card that’s preloaded with the Bible in any potential language that they could need, as well as different Christian literature. They stick this little micro SD card in their phones, and we’ve just gotten the Bible into thousands of Muslims’ hands.

Q: What makes that kind of outreach important, particularly in today’s world?

A: What we’re primarily seeing in the news is all of the bad stuff with the refugees, and all of that is legitimate, but the truth is there is a chaotic nightmare of human catastrophe over there and as a result you have literally millions of people whose lives are in crisis, whose hearts are incredibly open, many of whom are actually quite turned off to Islam. What we’re kind of saying is we have to get them before they reject God entirely. They’re turning away from Islam, that’s good, but we want them to maintain a hunger for God. It’s just they’ve been brainwashed to think there are no other alternatives.

Q: There are millions of refugees in the world today. Not just in Europe, but in the Middle East as well. Many more are displaced. How can we help them?

A: There’s just an absolute, wide-open door, endless opportunity to share the Gospel. And in the midst of all of this preparing for all of the difficult times that are coming here, we have to be focused on saving as many as we can. Because it’s an opportunity. It’s like a wide-open opportunity. That’s a thing I always try to emphasize, because we can become a bit self-focused.

I kind of made the joke when I was here a couple times ago. I said ‘Look, I’m all for getting food and preparing, but I’m making a new rule.’ I hope I didn’t offend Jim or anybody, but I said ‘The new rule is this: For every hour that you spend preparing, for every dollar you spend on dehydrated food, make it a rule that you spend two dollars on evangelism and missions. For every hour you spend prepping, spend two hours sharing the Gospel.’ If you do that, you’ll be very balanced. But if you’re spending all of your time prepping, you can get into this sort of anxious, frenetic mode of panic and anxiety. We want to prepare out of wisdom, not out of fear.

Q: So what can the church here in America do for not just Christians, but people who possibly want to become Christians, overseas?

A: We have to empower the ministries that are there. Whether it’s the missionaries that are there or the native churches, the largest Arabic church in Northern Iraq is in Erbil, and to empower them and give them the resources so that they can become this hub for all of the need over there. Because, like I said, it’s a bottomless pit. People are searching, they’re looking for something. If there’s a church that has resources, literally by giving them money, food, whatever, that church becomes a resource hub and then it just opens the door for the Gospel in the process. It’s really just a matter of — and this is basically what I’m trying to do because I’m going over there — identifying and then networking the resources with those that are already there on the ground. I’m only in touch with a handful, but they know everybody that’s on the ground.

Q: Like you were talking about, sometimes something negative happens with migrants and that’s what gets covered. The New Year’s Eve assaults in Germany, for example. Now, Europe has been shutting down borders. Critics say some of the new proposals are immoral and possibly illegal. What’s your take on all of these new developments?

A: Here’s the thing. It’s a complete conundrum, because it doesn’t matter what your answer is. There are problems with it.

I think the Lord has sort of allowed this conundrum. There are literally hundreds of thousands of little kids, women who are in genuine crisis. People going over there with their families, fleeing the Taliban all the over way over to Afghanistan because radical Islam is exploding. And they’re fleeing. … We need to minister to them, period.

On the other hand, we need to be wise of serpents. What that means is up for debate. On the left, we get everybody saying ‘Welcome, look how wonderful we are.’ And then on the right, everyone’s saying ‘Shut the door. We have enough of our own poor to take care of.’ Every kind of self-righteous sort of excuse. Somewhere in the middle is we need to be actively trying to do our best to help, but also prioritizing the Gospel.

This is another issue that I’ll just say. A lot of church ministries now, what they do is it’s real hip and trendy to get into humanitarian stuff. And so if you’re ministering to the orphan or the widow, if you’re doing sustainable agriculture, digging wells, any of these things, everyone will give you money. But if you’re like ‘We’re planting churches, making disciples, winning the lost,’ you actually struggle to get funds. I hear this from every missionary I talk to. They’re like ‘The church doesn’t have a high priority on the Gospel, they have a high priority on humanitarianism.’ Why? Because we’re infected with the spirit of the world. You’re putting a Band Aid on temporal needs. And it’s important. It’s part of the Gospel. Part of being a disciple of Christ is ministering to the poor and the needy, but if you’re not prioritizing the Gospel then you’re failing in our most basic need to invite them and make them a priority.

It’s worth highlighting that on the right, we only hear the negative. We only hear the bad. And if we were to believe the picture painted by the right, we would think like 95 percent of them are terrorists or are about to be terrorists or are right on the edge. It’s not even close to that. There’s enough that it’s a big problem, but the problem is I have yet to hear anybody offer a solution that is legitimate. Most people say ‘We need to wipe out ISIS.’ I go, ‘Oh, cool, wipe out ISIS.’ 85 percent of the refugees aren’t fleeing ISIS, they’re fleeing (Syrian president) Bashar al-Assad.

Q: And there’s still al Qaeda, the Taliban, all those other organizations.

A: Exactly, and they’re all Sunni. Most of them that are fleeing are the more moderate Sunnis.

The point is: The Lord is allowing this divine conundrum. We’re trying to wrestle through what we need to do. No matter what we do, if we’re following Christ, we’re going to get attacked by the left and the right. The right are saying ‘How dare you love them when they’re coming to kill us?’ And you go, ‘No, I’m sure there are some that are in there to kill us.’ But the point is this: When has the Lord ever said ‘If there’s risk involved, don’t do it.’ He never says anything like that. He says ‘Do it, and it’s going to be filled with risk, lay down your life for your enemies.’

This is the thing. We have to be, as a church, wrestling through what it means to be a disciple of Christ in the midst of the chaos that is beginning to engulf the world. And it’s only going to become more chaotic. … I go to all these conferences, everyone goes ‘What’s the prophetic word, what’s the secret code?’ And we need to have discernment and understand what’s unfolding, that’s important. But the biggest warning in the midst of it all is Jesus said ‘At that time, because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of most will grow cold.’ We’re spending all this time trying to figure out what’s going to happen and we’re spending very little time guarding and preparing our hearts for the chaos.

Q: So it’s important to resist that and find a balance somewhere in the middle?

A: The point is: We need to resist the carnal spirit on the right — and there is a carnal spirit on the right — and we need to resist the naivety of the left and make laying down our lives for our enemies for the sake of seeing the lost get saved our highest priority. I don’t have all the answers.

Q: Right, there really is no easy solution. Like you’re saying, it’s not necessarily an unsolvable problem, but the Gospel is always a good answer.

A: Yeah, and this is the whole point. What do we focus on? The only weapon that the Lord has given us is change people from the inside out, one heart at a time. And maybe we won’t win. In fact, the scriptures say of the antichrist, multiple times, he will prosper in all he does. He’s going to win for a little bit. We as men and as conservatives, we’re like ‘Why won’t anyone listen to my answer?’ We want to fix it and have the answer. We have to come to terms with the fact that we actually lose for a little while. It says he’s given power to break the power of the holy people.


Check back for Part 2 of the Q&A in the coming days. It focuses on Syria and the Middle East.

Richardson’s evening service centered on Biblical prophecies concerning Israel, Jerusalem and the last days. If you missed the event, the 2016 Prophetic Conference DVD Set contains Richardson’s service, as well as those of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Michael Snyder and Hubie Synn.

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Joel Richardson Warns, “There is a Storm Brewing”

On our first exciting evening service for the prophetic conference here at Morningside, Joel Richardson began his message with one clear word on the prophetic.

“You don’t need to be a prophet to understand the big picture. For the finer details, yes you might need to be one, but in terms of understanding what’s unfolding right now all over the world, it is actually very simple. There is a storm brewing.”

Joel Richardson knows when a storm is coming. As the son of a fisherman, he grew up in an area plagued by hurricanes, Now he lives in the midwest where storms can come up quickly and produce destructive tornadoes. Joel explained that hurricanes begin as a tropical storm, far away, The storm is out there, swirling in the ocean. Then 2 , 3 or 4 days down the road you see the entire coast engulfed in this massive storm system and on alert. You can look on a map and see the hurricane swallowing half of the country.

According to Pastor Richardson, “If we want to understand the story of what is happening in our world right now we have to begin by understanding the basic story of the Bible, which is this: The God of Heaven and Earth has made a promise, He has made vows, He has actually made vows unto death, and these promises have to do with what is happening right now. These promises involve a very specific piece of real estate; a very specific spot on the map that is called the city of Jerusalem, in the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel is like a tropical storm right now, and the storm is beginning to brew and to swirl.”

Richardson explained that the scriptures teach that eventually the storm that begins around Jerusalem, the rage of Satan against the fulfillment of God’s promises, will pull every nation on earth into its destructive power.

“The storm is already beginning, we are already starting to feel the winds of this storm. This is a storm that eventually will affect everyone on this earth. This will be an economic storm, it will be a storm that will affect nature with natural disasters, it will be a military storm, there will be very real wars. Beyond that it is a theological storm, an ideological storm. This storm will involve deception and this is one of the first things that we need to be made aware of.”

Joel stressed that before we feel the winds of decimation we will, even in the church, feel the winds of deception. He warned against the danger of believing in replacement theology. A theology that states in effect, that the church has superseded Israel; that God has transferred his plans and purposes from Israel to the church. When in fact, God made these promises to Jerusalem over and over in His Word. Israel is his Jewel and it in the city of Jerusalem that Jesus will have His throne.

Listening to Joel speak is always compelling.The biblical knowledge on Israel and on her enemies are an incredible gift to understanding God’s plans. Joel describes Jesus as sitting on the right hand of God, now, interceding for us. He is waiting…His heart is burning. He wants to come back more than WE want him to come back. And it is almost time.

In closing, Joel Richardson tells us all to keep our eyes on the Middle East and be wary of the winds that we feel from there.

“It is right in front of us, the battle… the storm. Watch Israel. Watch Jerusalem.”

There is a storm brewing.


Our Prophetic Week DVD is now available containing every taping of the Jim Bakker Show with all of our amazing guests, as well as Morningside’s inspirational evening services including Joel Richardson during Prophetic week 2016.                                 

“We are All Waiting!” Joel Richardson and Biblical Teaching on the End of Days

Tuesday night, Joel Richardson was welcomed back to the stage as our evening service speaker.  The crowd was riveted and eager to hear his teaching.  Joel began by reminding many of the people about the huge anticipation during the 1980’s regarding the rapture and it’s coming in 1988.  Still having the booklet with him – ”88 reasons why the Rapture will Happen in 1988” – Joel wanted to share with us what occured when that rapture did not occur.  “Many churches simply stopped their message of Christ’s return and many believers lost their faith from their disappointment and disillusion.”

Joel acknowledged that there are indeed biblical prophecies being revealed during these times but we cannot mistake any chastisement from God towards the U.S. as being proof that we are in the 7 years of tribulation.   

In 2nd Peter he writes, “Mockers will come with their mocking.’  

The closer we get to the actual day the greater the mocking will become.  It is up to the church to be responsible not to give legitimacy to their mocking.  If we, as believers, do not hold steady we could see a repeat of the aftermath of 1988. I am concerned we are setting ourselves up so at the very moment the Lord is standing at the door, too many will have turned away. Many will call his return a distraction.”  

“I am not saying things are not going to happen. We could see invasion, economic or natural disaster, or even an EMP blast attack. We do need to be prepared for what is coming! But we cannot make those signs point to an ending that has not yet begun.  This is in God’s timing, it is HIS business. We are seeing signs of His coming but we must listen to what God says in His Word, on the events leading up to Jesus coming!”  

Joel carefully went through the book of Daniel, Revelation, Matthew and John revealing the events that must happen before our Lord’s return.  Focused primarily on the antichrist and how he will come to be, Joel noted that at this time the antichrist has not been revealed nor has he begun any of the prophecies that are spoken of in God’s Word.  

Joel also spoke on how God’s teachers and prophets’ inspired words are being twisted to the world by the internet and media.  “Teachers can say one thing and within days, or even minutes, their words will have been twisted into something else. Pay attention to what you are reading on potential issues.” By staying close to God you can discern what is truth.  Read the Bible. KNOW HIS WORD!  And you will be able to see the events unfolding according to scripture.  

“We are all waiting for the time of the Great Tribulation” Joel stated as he posed questions of what we would do when events become much worse than the holocaust on Jerusalem.  “Where will we stand?  How are we preparing besides for our families and communities?  Are we preparing to be a place of refuge?”

Joel Richardson closed his message by reminding us all that we must spend as much time getting ready for our time in heaven as we are for our time on earth; preparing our own hearts, reaching out to others and spreading God’s Word.