IDF airstrike takes out senior Hamas commander


Important Takeaways:

  • o Israeli military releases footage of airstrike that killed senior Hamas commander
  • Israeli Defense Forces released footage of an air strike they say killed senior Hamas commander Hassan Al-Abdullah on Thursday.
  • The footage, apparently taken from an Israeli jet, shows several airstrikes in Gaza. Israel conducted some 250 such strikes on Hamas targets over just 24 hours on Thursday.
  • “IDF fighter jets carried out a precise air strike based on IDF and ISA intelligence and eliminated the Commander of Hamas’ Northern Khan Yunis Rockets Array, Hassan Al-Abdullah,” the IDF wrote in a statement.
  • Al-Abdullah is only the latest senior commander Israeli forces have killed, and he is unlikely to be the last. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that all Hamas members involved in the October 7 attack on Israel will be killed, and that Hamas itself will be “destroyed.”

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