Christmas Spirit for the Heart, Enjoy Tammy Sue Bakker in concert this Friday December 22nd LIVE!

By Kami Klein

There are a constant stream of requests from partners all over the world wanting to hear Tammy Sue Bakker sing!  On Friday, December 22, at 7pm our Christmas concert series will conclude with our very own Tammy Sue Bakker on Grace Street.  In her dad’s words: “Tammy Sue’s voice has never been more powerful!”  Your heart will be filled with the true meaning of Christmas as you relax into the music and experience the spirit-led, clear and beautiful songs from this amazing entertainer.  

Tammy Sue brings a humility and joy from her voice to the stage of The Jim Bakker Show, reminding others of the healing and power found in God’s love.  We are thrilled to have a whole evening with her!  But if you can’t make it here to Grace Street, you and your family can join us on our live feed at!  

So gather the family and enjoy the last of our very special concerts that celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and the joy found in God’s love!  

Merry Christmas!


Get Ready for the Morningside Street SALE!!!

Street Sale July 5th at 9am CT

We are celebrating 55 years of ministry with Pastor Jim Bakker!  

Pastor wants to keep the festivities going and give YOU a huge street sale… online, on site or by ordering on the phone!! Make your donation dollars to this ministry count!

On Tuesday, July 5th beginning at 9:00 am, please join Jim and Lori Bakker via live feed with Zach Drew, Sasha Voltz and Ricky Bakker for our Morningside Street SALE!!  Tammy Sue Bakker, Caleb, Harmony, Kirsten and David Hart will add to this joyful event with live music! This will be a special day with very special “Tuesday only” street sale bargains all day long!  We love doing these live events because we never know what will happen! We have a sneak peak available of some of this Tuesday only(insert link)  bargains so you can plan ahead!

If that isn’t enough, Pastor decided he wanted specials for you NOW!  We will have our Tuesday only products on sale but there are some amazing 55th anniversary deals waiting for you online and you don’t have to wait!  New products will be added daily so keep checking back to see what incredible deal has been offered next!  Please keep in mind that these products are limited in quantity! Once the supply is gone… it’s gone!  So don’t wait!  Check out these valuable deals  right now!

We are halfway through 2016 and Christmas is only 5 months away!  This is the perfect opportunity to get what YOU need for your family and maybe get a few of those gifts checked off early!

Join Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker on Grace Street this Tuesday, July 5 at 9:00 a.m. for our Morningside Street Sale!  LIVE!!!