IT’S TIME! Summertime! And it’s also time for our Super Summer Sale LIVE on Grace Street

Super Summer Sale Event LIVE

Join Pastor Jim, Lori, Mondo, Ricky, Tammy Sue as well as other special family and friends on Monday, July 9th beginning at 7 am Central for an incredible Super Sale Event!  With $5, $10 and $15 dollar bargains there is no telling what other fantastic deals will pop up!

Besides these special prices on select items, we will be introducing our NEW Organic Food Bucket!  We’ll be giving you all the scoop on this wonderful new food bucket, demonstrating others and having a great time on Grace Street during this event and we wanted you to enjoy the day with us!  

You can watch this special Summer Sale event LIVE on the Jim Bakker Show website, the PTL Television Network website and on PTL network through Roku and Apple TV!  

Don’t miss it!  Monday, July 9th, beginning at 7 am Central!  

Celebrate Summertime with our Super Summer SALE!!!


Cyber Monday, PTL Shop

IT’S HAPPENING NOW!  Join us right now for an all day Cyber Monday event!  PTL shop is launching on the best day for deals on everything from Home and Garden, Health and Beauty, great new gadgets and everything you need for prepping for emergencies!  There is something for everyone!   We will be here till 8 pm tonight and can’t wait for you to experience!  


Hurry!  Cyber Monday is LIVE Now! Click here to join the fun! 


Cyber Monday is coming Nov. 27th! It’s the Launch of our PTL Shop!

PTL Shop, Faith Based shopping

By Kami Klein

On Cyber Monday, November 27th, millions of shoppers will be looking online for amazing gifts for friends and family.  We could not think of a better time to launch!  On Cyber Monday beginning at 10 am Central Time, we will be broadcasting live on our new website,, with online and on street specials here at Morningside!  There will be unbelievable deals and brand new, never before seen products that you will love!  

This Thanksgiving, after spending time celebrating and thanking God for our incredible blessings and our bellies are full, we will be busy filling the PTL shop website with incredible gifts to help you get your Christmas shopping list DONE the moment we launch!  There will be apparel and jewelry, Christian books and media, wonderful products for health and beauty, beautiful and useful products for your home and garden, and some brand new gizmos and gadgets you just have to see!  

If you have ever experienced an online shopping event here at Morningside, you understand that nobody knows what will happen next and this year promises to be the biggest event EVER!  So mark your calendars for Cyber Monday, November 27th at 10 am to go to and simply push the “Watch live” button to take you on a truly fun and bargain filled day of shopping!  

Remember to keep coming back for daily deals and incredible additions to the PTL Shop website and live events!  

All of us here at Morningside and The Jim Bakker Show as well as the amazing team behind wish you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with love!  We hope to see you soon, Monday, November 27th on!



Today only Sale! Free Shipping!

Surprises are fun and this one is no different!  For Today only, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on our very popular pH Seychelle Water Bottles!  With this offer you will receive two (2) 28oz Seychelle pH20 Water Bottles designed as an everyday,lightweight, portable option for healthy hydration whether you are at home or on the go!

The pH20 PUREWATER filter naturally alkalizes  your drinking water and supports your body’s delicate pH balance which medical experts agree is vital for maintaining your health.  This filter naturally creates a pure, great-tasting water, removes 99.99% of harmful contaminants and pollutants all while protecting beneficial minerals to improve your health and wellbeing!

These Bottles would make excellent gifts this Christmas and with FREE SHIPPING now is the time to order!  

Don’t forget!  This offer is today only!  Healthy water is only a few clicks away!!  


Today only Sale! Free Shipping!

Today only Sale! Free Shipping!

Get Ready for the Morningside Street SALE!!!

Street Sale July 5th at 9am CT

We are celebrating 55 years of ministry with Pastor Jim Bakker!  

Pastor wants to keep the festivities going and give YOU a huge street sale… online, on site or by ordering on the phone!! Make your donation dollars to this ministry count!

On Tuesday, July 5th beginning at 9:00 am, please join Jim and Lori Bakker via live feed with Zach Drew, Sasha Voltz and Ricky Bakker for our Morningside Street SALE!!  Tammy Sue Bakker, Caleb, Harmony, Kirsten and David Hart will add to this joyful event with live music! This will be a special day with very special “Tuesday only” street sale bargains all day long!  We love doing these live events because we never know what will happen! We have a sneak peak available of some of this Tuesday only(insert link)  bargains so you can plan ahead!

If that isn’t enough, Pastor decided he wanted specials for you NOW!  We will have our Tuesday only products on sale but there are some amazing 55th anniversary deals waiting for you online and you don’t have to wait!  New products will be added daily so keep checking back to see what incredible deal has been offered next!  Please keep in mind that these products are limited in quantity! Once the supply is gone… it’s gone!  So don’t wait!  Check out these valuable deals  right now!

We are halfway through 2016 and Christmas is only 5 months away!  This is the perfect opportunity to get what YOU need for your family and maybe get a few of those gifts checked off early!

Join Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker on Grace Street this Tuesday, July 5 at 9:00 a.m. for our Morningside Street Sale!  LIVE!!!  


55th Anniversary Restoration Celebration at Morningside adds events!

Celebrate with Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker as we give thanks for 55 years of Ministry! Our God is a loving God of Restoration and during the 4th of July week we will be rejoicing and praising Him for all of the incredible blessings that God has been doing here at Morningside! Of course there can be no celebration without YOU!  We have also added events for the entire 4th of July week just to keep the joyful praises to God going!

On the 4th, join the Bakkers and friends at 9:00 a.m. for our ribbon cutting and dedication of the Cozy Cottage and Hillside Garden Village, followed by a pre-show with Tammy Sue Bakker and the Morningside Band and Singers at 10:30 a.m. on Grace Street.  At 11:30 a.m. please join us for taping of the Jim Bakker Show with special guests, Bishop Ron Webb and Dino Kartsonakis! At 2:00 p.m. the summer air will be filled with live music, activities for the kids, a big tent sale, free giveaways and so much more!

One of the highlights of this celebration will be our Partners’ Picnic at the Tabernacle where Pastor Jim and Lori will have a meet and greet book signing!  Have a delicious hamburger or hotdog on us while we fellowship together! If you are still hungry, there will also be some delightful food and drink venders in the valley as well!

That evening Tammy Sue Bakker will host a music concert beginning at 7:30 p.m. followed by our annual spectacular fireworks display at 9:30 p.m!  

The celebration continues on Tuesday July 5th with our Super Tuesday Street Sale beginning at 9:00 a.m.!  We will be live streaming this Super Street sale that promises amazing bargains and specials from our warehouse online, in house and by phone order!  Hosted by Jim and Lori Bakker, Zach Drew, Sasha Volz and Ricky Bakker, you will have the opportunity to make your donation dollars go VERY far with products that are tried and true for our ministry!  You can check out some of our Tuesday only specials right now as well as some of our $55 specials and more that you can take advantage of right now to celebrate this important anniversary for Pastor!  

Every night for the rest of the week, July 5th – 8th we will have worship at 6:30p.m followed by an incredible series of speakers every night at 7:00pm.

Prophets Speak series

July 5th,              7:00 p.m.         Bishop Ron Webb

July 6th               7:00 p.m.          Gary Heavin

July 7th               7:00 p.m.          Joel Richardson

July 8th               7:00 p.m.          Zach Drew

All of these events are free admission and we can’t wait to see you here!  The Music Concert, Fireworks, Street Sale and all of our evening speakers will be live streamed so that no matter where you are, you can join us!  


We hope you will be a part of this very special 55th anniversary!