ISIS leader urges ‘lone wolf’ attacks in the United States, Europe and Israel


Important Takeaways:

  • ISIS calls for ‘lone wolves’ to carry out Ramadan massacre of Christians and Jews across Europe, US and Israel
  • A top ISIS spokesman has called on ‘lone wolves’ worldwide to slaughter Christians and Jews en-masse in a chilling new declaration of terror.
  • In a 41-minute-long recording to mark the 10-year anniversary of ISIS declaration of a caliphate in Iraq and Syria, Abu Hudhayfah al-Ansari declared Ramadan as the ‘month of jihad’ and urged extremists to launch attacks in the United States, Europe and Israel.
  • He went on to urge Muslims to leave their homes and migrate to join up with jihadists and strengthen their ranks.
  • Al-Ansari’s deplorable message comes after he launched a campaign in January entitled ‘Kill Them Wherever You Find Them’, in which he called for renewed focus on terror attacks and reminded Muslims that the Israel-Palestine conflict is a war on Jews, not just Israel.
  • ‘It is a religious ideological war that will continue until we kill their antichrist under the banner of the Prophet of Allah… tighten the plans and diversify operations: Blow them up with explosives, burn them with incendiary bombs, shoot them with bullets, slaughter their necks with knives, and run them over with buses,’ he said.
  • In the days after his announcement on January 4, ISIS affiliates claimed a flurry of fresh terror attacks, including the bombing of Kerman in Iran which killed over 100 people.

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