Great Guests Coming to Morningside! Steve Strang, Jimmy Osmond, Rabbi Cahn and MORE!


In the next few months Morningside and the Jim Bakker Show are thrilled and so blessed to have some very special guests on the Jim Bakker Show! We would love to have you join our hosts Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker on Grace Street as a member of our studio audience! As always there is no charge for these events!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to add these amazing guests to our lineup! We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, June 21 at noon – Steve Strang and Michael Snyder

Tuesday, June 28 at noon – Tom Horn and Chris Putnam

Monday, July 4th at noon – Restoration Celebration with Bishop Ron Webb, Michael Snyder, Dino, Gloria Elliott & Voices of Glory

Monday, July 11, at noon – Jimmy Osmond & Creator of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”, Dr. Joel Wallach

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 16th & 17th, at noon – Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Tuesday, September 20, at noon – Rick Joyner

Tuesday, October 11, at noon – Dr. David Jeremiah

Rick Joyner meets with Donald Trump

Rick Joyner, founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries, Heritage International Ministries as well as our amazing friend and member of the Board of Directors of Morningside, had the opportunity to meet with Donald Trump at his office in Trump Tower on Thursday.

In his Facebook posts, Rick said that they had not gathered together to discuss politics; but discuss principles.  Because of time constraints, Pastor Joyner wrote two short posts on his Facebook page describing his first impression of Donald Trump and the atmosphere of the discussions.  We are certain we will be hearing more on this visit but wanted to share these posts with you first hand.
In his first post, Joyner talks about Trumps confidence and the additional meeting with Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump.

In the second commentary posted a couple of hours later, Rick discusses his impression of this meeting and of the dedication of Mr. Trump’s staff.

We are sure to be hearing more from Rick on this interesting encounter!  Rick Joyner speaks his heart and mind on all matters with a biblical perspective unlike any other.  Don’t miss Rick Joyner’s Prophetic Perspectives now available on demand on where Rick covers a multitude of topics happening now in our world with insights that provide a prophetic twist along with riveting discussions that are both timely and thought provoking.

To see Rick Joyner’s posts on Facebook regarding his meeting with Donald Trump please click on the links provided!

“God is Keeping Us” with Rick Joyner

Tuesday night was another special moment of time during our prophetic conference here at Morningside. In a sermon choc full of the most amazing teaching, Rick Joyner mesmerized the audience with his quick wit and revelations on our relationship with God.  From the beginning of his teaching, Pastor Joyner made it clear how special we are to the Lord.  

“In the expanse of this universe, this whole planet is but a speck of dust, but God has made it infinitely more valuable because HE said he wants to come here and live with US!”  

When giving a summary of all of the ways the world could end, Joyner listed a few…

“Gamma rays are powerful and scientist say they are hitting the earth with intense radiation constantly.  A gamma ray can completely destroy us. How we get through a day without being annihilated by gamma rays is amazing.  

Meteorites: there are hundreds out there ready to hit this earth every moment, set to wipe out life as we know it and yet, they do not. How do we get through a day without one hitting us?

A super volcano such as Yellowstone, if it went off with even half of it’s power there would be no life left on this earth.  How we get through a day astounds me!

The entire world is in economic distress and could collapse at any moment, and nobody understands why it isn’t.  How we last day after day is incredible.

But, I know why we are here each day, it is because we are being kept.  We are being protected and looked after.  God is keeping us and will only allow what is for our good to happen.”  

Pastor Joyner encouraged us to work toward a true friendship with God.  We go in steps as we mature as Christians.  First we are converts, we accept the Lord into our hearts, but that is just the beginning.  

Next, we become disciples.  Jesus showed us that to be a disciple one must be changed from what we are and fill up with the Word of God to become something else.  As a disciple we choose to serve God… but we must also choose to be His friend and truly love Him.

“Every one of us are as close to God as we want to be.   If we are not close to him, it’s not his problem, it’s us.  The ultimate answer to every human problem is that we need God!”  

Rick Joyner Joins PTL NETWORK!

Rick Joyner is a true Christian Leader for today.  Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries and Heritage International Ministries, he has authored more than forty books.  He is an amazing friend to Morningside Church  and a frequent guest on the Jim Bakker Show.  We are honored to have him be a part of our PTL Network programming!

Pastor Joyner is sought after by leaders all over the world for his no nonsense, biblical and common sense approach which he brings to you in these riveting discussions called “ Prophetic Perspectives, Strategic Insights for Our Time.”  Rick illuminates the current events of today with direct, informative and intelligent thought.  His comments are timely and thought provoking.  Rick Joyner does not apologize for his Christian beliefs nor for offering his opinion.

Tune in to the PTL Network today and watch just one of his segments.  We are quite sure you will be back again and again. You can download the channel today on ROKU!


Mystery Babylon Revealed (Pt. 6)

Verse 10:  They will be afraid of her suffering and stand far away and say:  “Terrible!  How terrible for you, great city, powerful city of Babylon, because your punishment has come in one hour!”  God’s name for any wicked city is Babylon.  Even when Jerusalem would turn against God, God would call her Babylon.

Verse 11:  “And the merchants of the earth will cry and be sad about her, because now there is no one to buy their cargoes…”  Now if this Babylon was the Catholic Church, as some believe, this verse wouldn’t even make sense.  Would the merchants cry over the Catholic Church going bankrupt?  I doubt it.  But this verse means even the people in China will weep over this one.  Because when the economy breaks down, no one will buy Chinese goods!  No one will buy anything because the system won’t work.

So, what is this harlot about?  What is all this about? Continue reading

Restoration Celebration Comes To The Upper Room

The power of God’s restoration powerfully shone through those at the Upper Room in Fort Mill, South Carolina as Pastor Jim Bakker spoke at the site.

Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker hosted episodes of the Jim Bakker Show from the Upper Room that many people have called the “heart” of Heritage USA. The episodes were introduced for the first time in 25 years by the voice of Henry Harrison, Pastor’s co-host of PTL for many years, who passed into glory in 1995. Continue reading

A New Day – Prophetic Bulletin on the Recent Elections from Rick Joyner

MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #74

Rick Joyner

Why was it “the best of times and the worst of times?” We are living in precisely that situation now, and the best will get better, and the worst will get worse. Both are preparing this world for the age to come, and we are here to be the messengers, so we must understand our times.

Every new day is filled with potential and challenges. When we learn that the challenges are where some of the greatest potential is, we are on the path to a great and truly victorious life. The Apostle Paul went “strengthening and encouraging the churches, declaring to them that it was through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God” (see Acts 14:22). Basically, he was saying that in every trial there is a door to the kingdom. That’s how we must approach the trials that come our way, looking at them as a door for us to enter the kingdom in an even greater way. This is why “the great tribulation” is the door through which the whole earth will enter the kingdom of God.

Continue reading

Rivers of Wisdom from Prophet Rick Joyner On Grace Street

For two days, a raging river of wisdom flowed down Grace Street as prophet Rick Joyner visited the Jim Bakker Show once again. Rick is a dear friend of the ministry, and as Pastor Jim Bakker says, he’s not just a friend, “ he’s a valley-walking friend.”

Referring to their relationship, Rick shared a dream that God had given him about one of his own children who had fallen into a sewage ditch. It seems there were multitudes of people standing around watching but only one pushed through the crowd and helped this child out of the ditch and cleaned him up. Rick said the Lord said to him, “Jim Bakker is MY child. Will you help him?” Continue reading

Rick Joyner returns to Morningside

When Rick Joyner was with us last, he said he was almost “desperate” to get back here to Morningside and tell our listening audience “AMEN – it’s time to store food and water!” Since then, we have witnessed many natural disasters and other situations that made that warning a reality. The warning is even more urgent as we see the events of Revelation increasing in frequency and intensity.

If you know Rick the way we know him, he doesn’t alter his message or adjust it for anyone or anything. He says what he means and means what he says. He knows and fears God. We respect him for that and know him to be a solid man of God with a prophetic voice you can count on. He hears from God and what he says has been tried and is true in these Last Days. Continue reading